Wednesday, November 21, 2012

June 30th 2013

Well yesterday I completed all the paperwork for my retirement...... June 30th 2013 will be my last day.  I filled in all the forms - signed every sheet - put it all in an envelope and sent it off to the School Board.  

It's official - I can't back out now.

You'd think - hell I thought - I would be doing the dance of joy - but I'm not.  If I don't sell this lil home by June 30th - I am in BIG trouble.  I won't be driving my car - or buying much in the way of groceries.  Talk about living too close to the line !!  

And the stupid thing is - I never realized how close I was living to the line.  Every two weeks my pay cheque would come in - I would pay the bills and put money in savings........ everything one is supposed to do.  

EXCEPT .... my savings were to pay for the taxes and the fuel to heat this place. So not really savings - definitely not a nest egg.  

I am sweating bullets - I HAVE TO SELL THIS PLACE!!!!!!!


  1. Ordalie8:40 am

    You might try to sell it to whoever will take your place at school...

  2. Ordalie - for a number of reasons that wouldn't work - namely - they won't replace me until I am gone. It's just another example of the brilliant workings of our School Board

  3. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Congratulations on June 30th retirement.

    A buyer will come...Your place is too nice for it not to sell.



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