Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Play time

This play party we went to on Saturday doesn't just involve play - there is always a lecture/workshop series before hand......... AND......... you are expected to attend it.  (I sorta see it as a surcharge - pay your $20 to play and suffer through the lecture) 

AND.......... the last two times I have been to one of these play parties there is a "business meeting" following the lecture/workshop (another surcharge - the organiser should work for the government - tax on tax !!)

So W had a plan.  He told me when we arrived we were to stake out the St. Andrew's Cross and I was to put our toy bag by it.  The minute the business side of the evening was over we were to make a bee line for the equipment.  In the past we have had trouble getting any equipment as the hordes tend to rush the equipment.  (After all the party runs from 7:30 p.m. till midnight - and with all the surcharges - sometimes play time doesn't roll around before 9:30 ) 

Plan in place off we went to the play party.  And yes the first thing I did was plunk our toy bag by the St Andrew's Cross.   Boring lecture over (the speaker was the boring part actually - I honestly think hard bondage - which is metal and chains and wood - could have been a whole lot more interesting) Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy..... 8:00 he was finished and everyone was just kinda hanging around.  I went to the organiser (not one to mince words) I asked if there was any business to discuss OR could we get on with the play part of the party.  The organiser seemed a little taken back - but said "No no go play" 

So W and I left the gossiping chatting group and headed to the St. Andrew's Cross for some much needed - long overdue  - play time.  W surprised me by starting with a good hard hand spanking.  There is a sting to the bare hand that no toy can match.  I was quickly doing the subbie dance and ouching and whining.  (I am such a good lil masochist ) 

Then the paddles came out - and the tawse (I think) and the whips - especially the Gorean Whip.  I was taking it all very well considering how long it had been since we played - but I wasn't feeling the familiar buzz......... and was wondering if this "problem with my womanly bits" was interfering with my love of pain.  W kept asking the usual questions to judge my level of consciousness - and I was answering him just fine... until I wasn't.  

In my head everything was just fine......... the only complaint I had was I was starting to feel a little chilly - and wished someone would turn up the heat.  The next thing I knew W was saying in that tone that breaks through even the foggiest of fogs "that's it - I'm calling it - it's over!"  And I was wondering what the hell happened - did I do something??  Then W was telling me to turn around and lean against the cross and my body didn't seem to understand HOW to turn around.  My legs were wobbly - my body shaking....... 

Then I was wrapped up on the rocking chair in the social area - shivering and begging W for some coke......... I was feeling light headed and very disorientated.  All a good sign that the endorphins have kicked in BIG time!  I also remember whining to W that my ass hurt - and he must have bruised me (like that is a bad thing !!)  The damn stays in my corset seemed to be rubbing and pressing into the bruised/sore area making it uncomfortable to sit / stand / concentrate.  Finally I begged asked W sweetly to loosen the corset so that it didn't irritate the area so much.  

W seemed interested in playing again - a little later on - but my ass hurt - and I wasn't sure I was up to any more play.  So we packed up and headed home.  I stopped to say goodbye and thank the organiser (I am nothing if not polite with everyone - despite what I may think of them deep down) and his comment to me was "Glad to see you got the play started early" It sounded a tad bit like he was scolding me - but truthfully I didn't give a damn - the man really does need to stop believing his PR team.  

There were no bruises to see on Sunday - though W said there were a couple of red lines across my left ass cheek - and I am here to say on Monday - those red lines were still very tender !!  A nice reminder of a good play session with my W.

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