Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sometimes - I admit it - I get stuck in a theme.  Like last Friday's LOL day.  I have been stuck there ........ wondering (still) about the ones who come and read and leave.  

I have done the tour of blogs who did LOL day and the ones who didn't.  I have read all the comments - and thoughts - and some of what I read touched a chord inside me.  Like - answering the comments left on my blog.  

Mea culpa.

I don't answer the comments - oh sometimes I do - most of the time I don't.  Rude - downright rude !!  I should know better!!  If someone comes and reads and takes 2 minutes to leave a comment I SHOULD respond to it - no excuses allowed.  Of course I often wonder if anyone comes back to see if I have answered - someone told me they don't....... which then made me think most don't.  But Ordalie (god bless her) she keeps me honest.  If she comments/asks a question and I don't answer it - she gives me a gentle nudge (sometimes not so gentle a nudge) 

I promise from now on - to answer the comments...... even if it is nothing more than a simple "thank you"

And all this thinking about lurkers - got me to wondering where folks have gone... 

Mr. Upton OGood used to comment from time to time.. he even has/had his own blog - a blog that made me think (sometimes till my thinker hurt) ........ not only has he disappeared from my comment section - I can't find hide nor hair of his blog... (of course it doesn't help that for some reason I can't find the bookmark for his blog either - le sigh) 

Then there was a wonderful woman who shared a heart wrenching story via email about being crippled (inspired by a blog entry I did on my fairy who fell from her perch and broke both her feet and how W fixed her)  And then who later on would write to me to correct my Japanese/Chinese ......... which led me to believe she must be of Asian origin. 

Then there was magadala - who had a wonderful blog for the longest time - who answered all my stupid questions when I was new at all this - who just sorta kinda disappeared.  Until last year when I was so sick and in hospital for so long - and W was posting updates - and suddenly there she was commenting on a post - I never told her - but her post made me cry...... a voice from my past reaching out .........

Soudrire who was my very first mentor - lived in California  - and I lost track of her after her Master died - and have no idea where she is ........... 

And oh so many more - who have touched my life through this blog - who became like friends (real friends) and then disappeared.

Ahh well - just thoughts on being stuck on LOL day - and a promise that I will respond to any and all comments from now on......... 

Oh and a new icon on the left side of the page - to remind you and me - that I do indeed love my lurkers - cause if no one came would I still write???


  1. Anonymous10:07 am

    Sometimes I check back to see if you've left a response especially if I've asked a question.
    morningstar, You would probably still write if no one came to read...writing is a personal way for you to unwind, scream at life's indignities, remember good things, and clarifiy your feelings... It's a journal but on line. Remember Operah says we should all keep journals as a way to sooth our souls.


  2. Joyce you may be right about my still writing if no one came....especially since I have always kept a journal in one form or another (though admittedly I didn't write as often in the leather bound ones) ........

  3. Anonymous10:53 am



  4. Ordalie11:23 am

    "sometimes not so gentle a nudge".
    I can't remember ever doing such a thing here or elsewhere, but if you say so, I do apologise.

  5. Ordalie - don't fret and no need to apologize - it was a question about teaching here - and I missed it - you reminded me - good for you !!! keep me honest Ordalie :)

    MAGADALA !!! hugs back at you - god I miss your blog !!!

  6. Anonymous11:41 am

    I am glad I am not the only person who wondered where everyone went. On LJ I still have a lot of "frineds" but only 3 or 4 post. I got to checking it out and most of the people I use to read haven't posted in over a year.
    When I started writing I had a group of 5 of us who would spend saturday mornings in a private chat session. It was wonderful to feel connected to someone. Only 1 remains.
    I guess I need to find new blogs to read but I sure miss some of the old ones.

  7. sable - good heavens !!! i used to read you ages and ages ago...... guess who's coming back? (cheeky grin)

  8. Ordalie6:47 am

    Yes, I remember now! It was just because I was comparing your and our differences as far as teaching was concerned and I wanted answers.

  9. Anonymous3:49 pm



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