Thursday, November 08, 2012

D/s BS

Two events this past week came crashing together to create this blog entry today.  

1)  I read a blog entry that said D/s was BS.  And she did a damn good job of arguing her point.
2)  I read an event listing - for a weekend training course on D/s  - two days of what is... how to... and (maybe) only way to.........

When it comes to training courses - I do tend to perk up my ears (eyes? considering I am reading it on the net) and get interested.  The perpetual student in me LOVES training courses / classes / continued education.  The skeptic side of me always wonders who is teaching the courses/what their credentials are .......... and some of the time (not all) I tend to walk away before signing up. 

But this workshop on D/s - high low medium levels - caught my interest - and I even checked the calendar to see if I could arrange a trip to Kingston the same weekend... then thought about talking about it with W.......... After all - if we are really good well behaved students - there is a play party on the Saturday evening !!!  Never mind the fact that when I finally join him in Kingston I hope we will get back to some form of D/s living.

THEN I read the blog entry D/s is BS.  The submissive who wrote it - did a damn good job arguing the point (one I have made many times) that there is no right way to do D/s.  D/s is something that each couple works out between them - what works for THEM - what doesn't work for THEM - and all the in between stuff.  

The whole idea of a workshop on D/s stayed on the back burner of my mind and just simmered there quietly.  

Last evening I had a little debate with myself.......... IF W and I went to this workshop - we would bring our own unique ideas/style about D/s - and that doesn't hurt a discussion - to have different ideas.  After all this time - we might indeed need a little refresher course..... (ok ok *I* might benefit from a little refresher course) We have never EVER lived this 24/7 and are heading towards a 24/7 - it couldn't hurt to pick up some tips/ideas right???   Never mind it not hurting to meet some folks in Kingston who do believe in some form of D/s in their relationship - folks who won't turn up their noses at us for doing it (as so often happened here in Montreal) 

And so I am coming closer and closer to asking W if we can go to this workshop


  1. Just let us know your decision; and tell what happens at the workshop if you do go.

  2. Just keep us updated, I'm curious.


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