Monday, November 05, 2012

Simple Project

When I arrived  in Kingston on Friday - W tossed me a local flyer. Inside was this picture of sliding cupboard doors.  There was no question in my mind - they were gorgeous and so "feng shui" for the Master bedroom.  

The Master bedroom has  had these ugly mirrored sliding doors.  It was my secret hope that one day we could change them out for something a little more modern - something that would blend in a little better with the oriental theme.  SO - these doors more than surpassed my hopes and dreams.

W said we would go and look at them on Saturday before the kitchen renovator came over for final measurements.

We left it at that and went off to a munch and had a great time - not getting home till way past my bedtime.

Saturday I slept in - so we dashed off to run messages before the 1:00 p.m. appointment in our kitchen.  We managed to squeeze in some Christmas shopping as well as a quick trip to Costco - AND to Lowe's to look at the cupboard doors.

They were better in real life than in the picture............. W paid for them and said we would be back on Sunday morning to pick them up (the car was full of  our earlier purchases) 

So Sunday morning we went off and picked up the doors.  They were advertised as easy installation.  Do you believe in truth in advertising????  Once W managed to get the old mirrored doors down - they weren't gonna fall off any time soon - trust me on that one!!! He got ready to install the new ones.  He kept saying we were missing bits... but he kept slogging along.  

I should mention the instructions that came with the sliding doors - included the instructions for ALL styles of doors - pivot doors - sliding doors - wall mounted doors etc,  I kept saying to W - read the "sliding door instructions" because well they were sliding doors !!!  Finally we gave up - there were missing parts - or we had the wrong hardware - or something !  So we jumped in the car and went back to Lowe's.  

While W lined up to talk to a salesperson - I went to check out the demo doors and slid one open - looked up and realized that the two metal tracks we had - which we thought were top and bottom - were actually supposed to be hung side by side.  These doors did not have a bottom track.  W looked at the instructions again - and showed me the instructions we should have been following were for the wall mounted doors - not the sliding doors !!??   (le grande sigh) 

Home we went and W managed to get the tracks almost mounted before the batteries in his screw driver gave out,  At that point i decided it was time to head off home, and let W spend a quiet afternoon.


Well I thought I had left W to have a quiet afternoon.  Last evening I got an email from W with these two pictures attached................

Can you believe this man of mine??!!!  He finished the room!!!  Don't the closet doors look like a work of art rather than a door??!!!

I can't believe how wonderful W is.......... I don't know why I can't - cause he proves over and over how much he cares for me............. but as W loves to say he's always been a "bachelor" and feng shui and pretty kitchens and all the "girly" stuff I love doesn't have a whole lot of importance for W - except that it pleases me............ and so he renovates the kitchen with pretty bamboo cabinets and curses and swears and sweats over putting up pretty asian closet doors............. just for me!  I am such a lucky woman/submissive !!!


  1. Those are very pretty! We have the ugly sliding mirror doors. I should see if we can change them out. :)

  2. Ordalie8:48 am

    I absolutely envy those cupboard sliding doors, they don't at all look like a door!
    How I wish I had some like that...put up by someone else, without me toiling and sweating.
    Morningstar, W does really love you!

  3. Anonymous10:16 am

    Lovely doors! Thanks for the pictures they add so much to your bedroom decor. You are indeed a lucky lady!



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