Saturday, December 01, 2012


For those of you who have read here for any length of time - you know that Christmas is a BIG deal for me.  And you know that every year the grandkids come and spend a day with "granny" and we decorate the house - decorate cookies - do crafts.

This year is no different.  The kids are arriving today.............. batten down the hatches.  Most years W is here with me to lend a helping hand (and keep me sane) but not this year.  I wonder what will happen next year (le sigh) no grandkids out on the island - oh well I'll worry about next year - next year !!!

Getting back to this year - do you remember the craft I showcased here - the christmas ball with the kid's hand print on it????   No ?? then click HERE.

I have 3 red balls and paint and markers and we are gonna make them for Mommy and Daddy :)  and decorate gingerbread boys - and of course decorate the house.  Expect lots of pics tomorrow..... 

And over the next few days I will be decorating The Journey for the holidays too.........I do love traditions!!


  1. Anonymous8:18 am

    Enjoy this wonderful time! My grandkids (all boys) are teens now. Hanging with friends, girls, video games, part time jobs, etc. are more important to them now. Decorating cookies and doing Christmas crafts are just memories. I like to think the traditions will pop up again when they have families...


  2. Hope you survived the day without out me there ☺

    Maybe it will be a weekend with the boys next year ☺ ☺

    Kingston/Belleville is a good place to do Xmas Shopping...


  3. I hope you had a wonderful day with the boys! =)


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