Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend at home

You'd think a weekend at home would be a quiet weekend for me........ not so much.

On Saturday I cleaned up - and did laundry and then had to leave the house at 3:00 cause there was a home visit .  I took advantage of being "kicked out of my house" to go and pick up my train tickets for next weekend.  I am going up to Kingston on Thursday afternoon (Friday being a Union meeting day - and considering as I am retiring ask me if I care about the damn Union meeting?!)

W went to a play party stag on Saturday evening. I spent the evening cursing there was nothing decent on the television - and wondering how he was getting along.........(turns out he had a good time !!) 

Sunday was another up and at 'em day - there was supposed to be another home visit at 11:00 so I got showered and dressed and organised and then joy oh joy !!  I got an email from my agent at 10:00ish that the visitors had cancelled (see my sad face?) 

I figure the more people that trek through here - the odds increase that one of them will actually want to buy it ........... 

Sunday afternoon was the littlest grandson's 3rd birthday........ AND an open house here at the townhouse.  I picked up eldest daughter right after lunch and we headed off to the Island for the celebration.

This little guy is the funniest one of the lot (in my humble opinion).  At Halloween when I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween - he announced in a very loud - indigant voice - he was gonna be "____insert his WHOLE name ___________" 
On Sunday when I arrived at the house little guy came running up to see me and when I said "who's the birthday boy today??" and he announced in the same indigant voice "I am ________insert his WHOLE name _______ not a birthday boy!!" 

I think the greatest delight I had was watching him open and react to his presents.  Everyone else gave him computer games - Skylanders?? do you folks know about Skylanders??? Personally I think that is the biggest rip off computer game going.... having to buy all the different characters (at between $10 and $15 each) to be able to complete the levels !!!  What a marketing tool !!!

Anyway - way back when the eldest grandson was about 3 I gave him the starter set to the Brio trains........ and have added to it from time to time.  I had about given up on giving anymore because the eldest and the middle didn't seem to ever play with it - always wanting their electronic toys.  

Then this summer when I was out visiting - youngest grandson dragged the train set into the living room and demanded someone make him a CIRCLE.  Once done he sat for ages playing with the Thomas the Tank trains round and round the circle.  

So for his 3rd birthday I decided to buy him a bridge and some gates that make train sounds when you push the button and the lights flash ........... and W decided to buy him the dinosaur car complete with a video filming car.  

I was thrilled to see his excitement when he opened the dino car gift from W.  He really was thrilled.  And doubly happy when he opened granny's gift and saw he had more "stuff" for his trains.

After all the excitement of cake and happy birthday was done......... all the grownups were standing around chatting - the older kids had disappeared downstairs to play video games ......... and when I looked around the little guy was sitting happily in the center of the living room playing with his new  Thomas the Tank train accessories.

The weekend ended happily !!!  Even if the stupid ole townhouse didn't sell.

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  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    A fun weekend...grandkids are the greatest gift our ouwn kids can give us. Know you are enjoying them.



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