Thursday, November 22, 2012


Remember the song - I'm leaving on a jet plane................... well I am leaving - not on a jet plane but on Via rail 

and heading up to Kingston after lunch today - to spend a long weekend with W.  

Everyone is surprised that I am going by train - it's supposed to be a fairly nice weekend - why don't I save my train trips for the bad weather.  Well everyone would be right - 

BUT - here's my logic.  

First off W gave me 2 return trips by train to Kingston for my birthday.  SO I had the tickets already (well sort of - they were gift cards and I did have to go and actually purchase the ticket)

Secondly I have so much trouble driving home on Sunday - every Sunday!!  My eyes get so heavy - almost as heavy as my heart (which never wants to leave W and Kingston) and I land up having to stop a couple of times on the drive home just to walk around and wake up.  AND that's without doing anything on the weekend.  

This weekend we are going to a play party on Saturday night.  AND play parties always make me a little dopey the next day - and needing/wanting/craving multiple naps. And once a very long time ago I promised W I would never ever drive again under the influence of endorphins.  (that's a long story and better kept for another time).  

So thinking/planning ahead - and assuming I might just be a little high on endorphins - or on the down swing from a high of endorphins - I decided it would be best for me to let someone else do the "driving" so to speak on Sunday.  (aren't I a clever girl??)

I do want to check into the bus - as it is half the price of the train - but parking is a wee bit of a problem (at the bus depot) and I need to check into that ......... but considering it costs me at least $80 on gas when I drive - never mind the wear and tear on the car - I am trying to find cheaper alternatives to driving myself. 

All that to say - I am off to Kingston.  I do expect I can keep you all updated over the weekend - a rare event - as I am bringing my netbook- and will have all sorts of time to play on the pc while W watches his terrible awful television shows (cheeky grin).

And while I am thinking of long weekends - and time off - HAPPY TURKEY day to all my friends and readers from the States.  


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  2. Sadly I only thought of this, butt I could have saved you some more money as I could have driven you back home and then I could have done some things down there again...

    ONLY if you can get your return portion of your ticket refunded I would cancel it when you are at the station today, then I could/would drive you back home..

    :-(( Sorry for knot thinking of this before now...


  3. Anonymous11:33 am

    Have a great weekend. Train rides in the southern part of US aren't all that common unfortunately. I love to ride on a train and watch the world go by.

    Play hard and long


  4. I so agree about playing and driving. also I find that train journeys can be er "Interesting", when you are still wired from playing.


  5. Joyce - it's funny i have never been very fussy on train rides - much preferred planes cause they got me where i was going so fast !! i am the worst traveler. But i seem to be learning to appreciate the advantages of train travel.

  6. Spankedhortic - LOL i'll keep that in mind when i travel home on Sunday - if it's that errr "interesting" i'll try posting from the train :)


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