Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something Wicked this Way Comes........

I wrote a whole long blog post continuing my thoughts on Your Kink - My Kink 
 - and then erased it all.

I wrote a second whole long edited blog post continuing my thoughts on Your Kink - My Kink  - and then erased it all.

Ya see this is something I feel in my gut - and I am finding it very difficult to move it up from my gut - filter it through the brain - and get it out here on paper so to speak.

There is more to my angst then just silly lil airheaded players who insist on playing in front of the kids and the vanillas.  Mostly they are just that - silly lil players - but they make me squirm because they are giving My Kink a bad name (whatever my kink is) and they have forgotten the consensual rule - any vanilla in public has not given their consent to be witness to these shanigans.

My concern comes from a whole mess of other things going on quietly behind the scenes.............. 

We are filling in profiles with our deepest darkest fantasies - for anyone to read.. ANYONE

We are open and friendly and welcoming (for the most part) to newbies who come in the front door - because we invite them in.

Almost everyone to a person who has played for any length of time becomes (to a degree) desensitized to "stuff" and it takes more and more to push our buttons - or make us go "ewwwwww" or even go "yummmmmmm" 

And all the while we keep the doors open and we welcome and accept - and say over and over like some silly mantra  "Your Kink may not be my kink - but it is ok".  BUT what if it isn't ok??? what if some really creepy person gets in the front door - and slides into the shadows??? What if what that person needs is not a place to exhibit their kink - but a mental health professional??? 

If we keep on accepting everyone - without thought - or question - one day we are gonna be in big trouble.

Maybe that "one day" has already come.  

I have already heard of one newbie who had rape fantasy and bondage on her profile on some site or other and at one of her first parties she was actually tied up gagged and raped...... 

I have already heard of someone who had "voyeurism" on their profile - but what they really got off on was peeking through windows........

I got caught in a lecture at a play party - one had to sit through a compulsory lecture before being allowed to play - about rubber.  BUT the lecture on rubber turned into us watching a porn film about the lecturer's arousal and ejaculation over and over and over.  That was NOT what I signed up for....... and I did not consent to watching that - and it made me squirm - especially watching the "lecturer's" reaction to a room full of people watching his naked dick spewing forth ejaculate.

I am already hearing rumours of someone who has questionable behaviours - but everyone is just keeping "mum" on his name because after all - Your kink - my Kink - we have to be accepting and what if we're wrong............................

I think it is about time we stopped being so politically correct and started sounding warning bells.  Just by virtue of some of the stuff we do we are a breeding ground for "nut cases" - for rapists and stalkers and more.  I think it is time we were a whole lot more cautious - and a whole lot less accepting and welcoming. 

BUT that is just my opinion.


  1. Anonymous8:38 am

    As always, morningstar, well stated. Today's blog and yesterday's brought up some important issues that concern us all. I guess the idea of self monitoring and responsibility has kinda taken a dive by some who feel the need to express their kink anywhere at anytime. I like your statement about "consensual rule". You know some will say well, the vanilla can just turn away or ignore. But that's not the point, is it?

    Keep up the good work bringing your ideas out to the public, kinky or otherwise.


  2. I'm with you... in particular, there are more than a few men in the scene who have made me uncomfortable on one occasion or another (including non-consensual touching) that when I've tried to tell people, they've responded "oh, everyone knows what person X is like, he's harmless, just give him a shove." I know better and can stand up for myself when necessary (or bring in the cavalry, a.k.a. SadistFaction), but if I were alone or new (or both), what would stop me from normalizing those behaviours based on everyone else's complacency???


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