Friday, November 16, 2012

Easy as pie.....

Ya think I'd learn - nothing is ever as easy as they say............... 

I wanted to make the above ornaments with my lil guys at school.  The directions sounded easy ......... 

Glass Christmas Ball
white craft paint 
permanent markers for details.

Paint the child's hand white - then place the glass ball in the palm of the hand - separate fingers - and gently roll them up the side of the ball - pressing the fingers onto the sides.  Remove hand - wash hand - store ball to dry.  Once dry add snow man details.... 

Well I tried one first - and it went ok - my snowmen were a little smudgy - and not nearly as distinct as the one in the picture but it was ok.  I let it dry - and several hours later when it was dry I went back to add some quick details.

And that's when the problems happened.

When I tried to draw on the simple details - the white paint started flaking off... and didn't stop flaking............ 

The only good thing was - by the time the flaking had finished - a quick rinse under hot water and all the paint was gone and I could start all over again on the same ball......... 

I have looked everywhere for suggestions to keep the paint on the ball - I googled it - I surfed it.......... and everywhere they say - craft paint (well on the sites for children and as I am working with children - I need kid proof paint!!)

can I say HELP !!!!!



  1. Try spraying the dry paint with Krylon fixative. You will probably want the matte finish. I wouldn't use it around the kiddos. So maybe do that after school or at home or... But try it and see if it can keep the paint from flaking.

    Good luck! It's a cute idea...


  2. Thanks swan - will try that... as a last ditch attempt I mixed white paint with white glue yesterday- I'll find out this morning if that worked.... if it doesn't I will try the spray on fixative.....

  3. Let us know if it helped please

  4. Anonymous12:07 pm

    A cute idea for parent Christmas presents. Almost makes me wish I was back in the classrooom... Notice I said Almost...


  5. LOL yes Joyce - I noticed you said "almost" LOL

    I am hoping to go out with a 'bang' so to speak... wait till you see what else I have in the works for Christmas

  6. Toni - I'll most definitely let you know if it works :)


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