Monday, November 12, 2012

Waste of time

I LOVE a clean tidy house.   I like everything in it's place.  

i do NOT like doing the work to create this space I adore.... but I do it.

i really had no intentions of cleaning house this weekend - just a quick spit and polish - nothing more.

Then I got an email from my real estate agent - someone wanted to view the house Sunday afternoon.  (yeah remember her - the real estate agent?? Remember my initial excitement over selling this place??? Well let me tell you - that enthusiasm has quickly dulled to a pain in the ass and a knot in my stomach)

So Sunday morning - instead of curling up on the couch in my pjs to watch all the taped shows I missed last week - as well as our (W's and mine) Sunday morning news show......... I dragged out the vacuum and the dirty laundry and got cracking.

While I was vacuuming up the damn cat hair in the living room - I wondered to myself - if keeping the house spotless really has any effect on the people that traipse through here.

I will admit when W and I were house hunting this summer - the cleaniness and smelliness of homes did add or subtract from their appeal.  But as I cleaned on Sunday I wondered how many other folk even notice the things that were important to me.  

Every cupboard is organised and neat and tidy - hell even my clothes cupboard is organised from long to short.  My tupperware cupboard has NEVER been so organised. (and it has nothing to do with my OCD!!  I read somewhere that tidy organised cupboards impressed potential buyers)

And these strangers come - walk through - smile and nod and leave.  It takes 15 minutes for a visit - and all day to get it ready.

Yeah somedays it does seem as though " a clean house is a sign of a wasted life"


  1. Ordalie11:08 am

    Dear Morningstar,
    Don't worry about that! You want to sell your house, so you do everything you can to achieve your aim.
    Now it's true an untidy house doesn't look quite as valuable as a clean tidy one, imagine you'd probably think the same if you were the prospective buyer.
    So, grit your teeth, tidy and clean even if it's wasted time in your mind, it's for a good cause.
    It's not the sign of a wasted life, just a means to an end!

  2. thank you Ordalie - and you are right - and I know it !! cause I keep cleaning and tidying - and hopefully one day (very soon) I will sell it

  3. A. Lurker11:46 am

    Hi Morningstar,
    I have never commented here before but I have been reading occasionally for a couple of years.

    I just wanted to share that I have a fridge magnet with the same saying on it. I also have one that says "Cleanliness may be next to Godliness but around here it is next to impossible.".

    I missed LOL Day but if its not too late, here I am! I forget how I found your blog but the fact that you are not only Canadian but you are probably near the same area I am keeps me checking in. I am not involved in BDSM but I do have an interest in spanking. Vague enough for you? :-)

    Take care,

  4. welcome R - glad you spoke up - it's never too late :)

  5. In my case a clean house is only caused by a broken computer :)


  6. LOL - Spankedhortic - I have mastered cleaning and surfing.. one needs to take breaks ya know :)

  7. Anonymous6:20 pm

    It does make a difference. potential buyers equate a clean and neat home with one that has structually wise been kept up as well.

    Good luck selling.


  8. the voice of reason!! thanks Joyce a lot of folks are telling me I am nuts to clean so much.......... and I was weakening - seeing as it hasn't sold as fast as I thought... I'll keep cleaning !!

  9. Ordalie11:32 pm

    "In my case a clean house is only caused by a broken computer :)"
    That comment sent me into a fit of giggles because I could have said the same!


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