Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Rare Statement

I rarely if ever make a comment on the political landscape.  I rarely if ever make a comment on the political landscape of the States.

BUT today I have to say ....... I am very happy with yesterday's results.

As far as politicians go - I believe this man will honestly try to do the best he can !



  1. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Thank you morningstar! He got our votes and we are very thankful he was re-elected. Of course my 'strange' state of Florida is grey and its electoraL VOTES have not been cast as yet. Ummm let's see we had a 'chad' issue (ballots not punched out completely) causing popular vote winner Al Gore to lose the election to good old George. But not to worry regardless which way the Florida electoral goes it won't cause Obama to lose! YAY


  2. sixofthebest7:38 am

    Congratulations to Barack Obama, on his reelection as President. In my opinion he is doing a fine job, in a big wide world of problem's.


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