Sunday, July 24, 2011

Through the looking glass

Yesterday was the bi-monthly play party at L'Oubliette.  W and i had plans to attend.  But after Friday's fiasco type day, i was not the least bit sure i was up to going.  Then i remembered - in the past - when my emotions/stress levels were high a bloody good session of pain seemed to empty me of the negative feelings and lift me up.  (i know i know that just sounds crazy to some of you)

So W and i talked Saturday morning - i told him of my need for pain.... a healing pain... so off we went to L'Oubliette late in the afternoon.  

It all started off fine... W and i managed to get the indoor (air conditioned) dungeon to ourselves before dinner.  W played hard with me - fucked me ( a wham bang thank you ma'am kind of fuck) - all of which -  left me a shaking trembling mess of submissiveness.  Exactly what the doctor ordered......... though as a side note - it was difficult to focus on barbecuing dinner and then afterwards keeping my eyes open.

Someone by the nickname of "batman" walked into "my space"at some point and introduced himself.  He wasn't very discrete in what he wanted.  a) he wanted me to kiss him b) he wanted me to hug him c) he wanted some woman - preferably me - to spank him.  He got my back up.  I told him to bend over I would be very pleased to demonstrate a spanking.  He backed off.  Inside I had a good chuckle.

After dinner a car roared up the drive and a handful of young lusty males piled out of the car - with one of them blindfolded on a leash.  It turned out - after someone helped me with the translation from Fench to English - that the young blindfolded stud was a groom to be and a Master and this was his bachelor party.  His buddies had decided to strip him down and offer up his ass to everyone there for a paddling.  

At some point I got up and wandered over to the area where this groom was being paddled and stood at the back of the crowd watching.  Lady C turned and saw me standing there just as the "best man" announced "last call" she asked why i had not taken a turn... i shrugged opened up my hands to indicate i had no toys (easier than trying to find the french vocabulary) she laughed and pulled out 3 paddles and told me to chose one.. she also told the best man to wait..there was one more...

Before i knew what was happening i was standing in front of a crowded room ...facing a bare badly marked ass - with a paddle in my hand.  The next thing I knew I was showing the poor bugger the next instrument of his demise.... and silently (sometimes the lack of vocabulary is frustratingly appropriate) took my place beside his ass.  I rubbed his cheek with the leather paddle - I wound up and gave him a good fair smack on the left cheek.  Then I patted the other cheek - while he rated the first hit as "good".. wound up and smacked his right cheek - to which he announced loudly - "very good.  Thank you ma'am" Which had the whole crowd laughing and clapping.  Apparently they had all been trying to get him to say thank you after each set of smacks.  I - for god only knows what reason - was the one who earned it.

W and i found each other again and managed another session of whips/quirts and knives.  By this point i was done - done like dinner - and more than ready to head home to bed.  


there was the whole issue of "batman"...... i was not going to leave without offering up my services to "pop his spanking cherry" one last time.  I found him in the air conditioned dungeon watching a scene.  I asked him one last time if he was going to let me spank him.  (in all honestly i expected a "no not now" comment) but instead he said "yes - but outside - I don't want anyone watching".  

Now the ball was in my court - "shit or get off the pot" as the expression goes.

I followed him to a tree - and had him "stick it out" .. farther .. farther.... and then I gave him a fairly good wallop with a paddle I had picked off the wall in the dungeon - over his jeans.  He grunted then starting fidgeting all over the place - I couldn't figure out what he was doing.. I told him to stand still - and he gasped out "wait a minute" so I waited and then realized he was dropping his jeans !!! 

Ok then.. you gonna offer it up to me... and I am flying on endorphins - then you are gonna get it....... 

After a goodly number of smacks - I stopped.  It was enough.  I laughed - pinched his rather large floppy ugly nipples (drakor's are much nicer and so much smaller) and thanked him for the privilege of "popping his spanking cherry"

On the way home in the car - i felt like Alice through the looking glass. Generally I shy away from being on the opposite ends of a paddle... generally??!!!  all the time !!!  Yet last night it had been fun........... maybe because there were no expectations ...AND a whole lot of endorphins..... who knows?!


  1. Anonymous4:03 pm

    sounds like an absolutely amazing time! :)

  2. thank you for the compliment glad you had fun glad you did what you wanted to all around sounds like a sweet day.

  3. It sounds like a super day - one that you really needed to lift your spirits. It made me smile to hear about it, thank you for sharing.

    Ana x


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