Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterback

I am not sure how many know the expression "Monday Morning Quarterback" - it is a football term - and refers to all the couch potatoes who watched the game on Sunday then replay it Monday - with what they would have done !

In a way - this blog entry is Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking.......... 

Yesterday I received thank you notes from our dinner guests........ LadyB's thank you included some questions about how drakor was doing....... did he enjoy himself?? was he ok???  In other words - some online aftercare for both sub and dom

An email from drakor yesterday had *me* rehashing the events of the previous evening.... fussing a little bit......... then I realized something...... an EUREKA moment.

Most of what happened to drakor on Sunday - came directly from his fantasies...... from dressing as a woman in front of strangers - to being ordered to strip naked in front of strangers and be the only one naked ........ to being forced to serve and follow protocols with absolutely no say in what happened............ 

Trust me he got all of that and then some !!

I understand some of his ...umm... discontent (for lack of a better word)..... It is very difficult to take most fantasies and bring them to life.  It is a hell of a mind game !!  AND if you are a perfectionist - which I believe drakor is - then the stress of pleasing climbs high higher highest - when you do not know the dom you are serving and do not know what exactly is expected of you.   There is a comfort in having the rules/protocols laid out clearly - memorized - and then you can 'perform' more or less like a well trained monkey.

drakor was taken out of his comfort zone - first in the women's clothing and then being naked - serving complete strangers (to him) The rules/protocols were given to him on the spot - learn them quick or fail.  Yes a daunting challenge.  

AND as much as it was his fantasy - and as much as it was something he dreamed about over and over (ad nauseum) and wrote about in his blog over and over again (ad nauseum) there is still a certain amount of introspection that is needed following such an event.

AND the dominant goes through some introspection of her own.......... did he enjoy himself?? Was it what he was looking for/craving/desiring?  Did I push him too far?? Will he ever speak to me again (grinning)  Normal self doubts until the two hook up and discuss their feelings....... discuss the evening ........ 

AND drakor if you dare .. DARE.. bitch about not knowing the rules/protocols first.... I ... lil me......... will SLAP you............. it was all part and parcel of your fantasy - strangers taking forcibly you... do not lay out a list of rules/protocols - politely hand them to you for your review........ nope doesn't happen ............ ever !!

So my Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking (naive or not) says the whole evening was a success............. the whole evening ran like a well oiled machine and in my opinion everyone got exactly what they wanted - from their coffee cup kept full - to playing humiliation games with a seasoned and anxious submissive.


  1. Methinks the "subbie" doth protest too much! lol

    You looked lovely Drakor .... dressed AND trussed! ;D

  2. My, My blushing thank you BlazngScarlet

  3. Glad you are all able to have a friendly and happy post dinner party discussion! Hello drakor too! All the best x


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