Friday, July 01, 2011


Yes I am excited - just like a kid starting their summer holidays .............. 

When my girls were young and June rolled around - specifically the end of school - we always took them out to the "country" (not that we didn't live in the country being on the Island - but more country-ish) for lunch by the water........ a celebration of the end of the school year.  

A couple of weeks ago - I mentioned to W that we should head out to our favourite lil village - have lunch (or dinner) walk along the board walk - with our cameras and enjoy a relaxing evening.  (This had become the compromise for me in June  - end of school celebrations)

Then the other night W sent me an email - friends of his had suggested we all head out to the country on Saturday (the real country by my standards) spend a couple of hours at the market then have dinner at this gorgeous old farmhouse - converted to a restaurant - then go to the country theater for a play.  I was so excited !!!  A day's trip to the country - dinner at THE end of school celebration restaurant and a play thrown in for good measure!!!  YES YES YES let's go (was my response)

Then on Sunday - we are having BDSM friends over for dinner.  I have been planning this event as though it were dinner for the visiting Royal couple (I assume everyone has heard about the newly wed Royal Couple who are visiting the Great White North??!!)  

The menu consists of appetizers- barbequed steak and shrimp - salad - baked potatoes - veggies- wine and for dessert vanilla ice cream with brandied cherries (I managed to find lactose free ice cream - so I am gonna give it a try) 

The fun part of this massive entertaining project is that drakor is going to come and serve for the evening............ in his cute lil skirt and top.......... remember that skirt and top discussion???

 I believe I have instructed drakor "NO panties" for the evening - this way one of the doms might just get a peak at his wee tiny weeny........ (cheeky grin)........ that should give him a big thrill....... (bigger cheeky grin)

He will serve and clean up and I can basically enjoy the evening - just need to keep an eye on the serving boy and make sure he doesn't spill something in someone's lap........ I  am not too sure how well trained he is in serving - but fortunately there will be 3 Dominants here to help me keep an eye on him........... I think I will make it clear he is free meat for the evening - so they can instruct him as they please............ 

So that's the plan for the weekend - Happy Canada Day !! - (sure beats fireworks) .......... I have to get busy and get the house cleaned for guests........ and then I should be able to sit back and enjoy the fun weekend............ 

I promise I will be back on Monday with a full report :)  AND you can expect more interesting pics on the 365 blog come Monday as well .......... 

HAPPY CANADA DAY - all my fellow Canadians.......... 
H APP Y  JULY  4th to all my American readers !!



  1. Do you think W/we should find a magnifier for those Doms to help find drakor's " wee tiny weeny " so they don't hurt Their eyes??



    Your plans sound divine!
    ALL of them!
    I'm not sure about the 'no panties' for Drakor; I really ADORE those royal blue panties on him! lol
    On the flip side, I think Sirs idea of setting a magnifying glass on the table for your guests to find "wee tiny weeny" VERY enticing and fun! lol

    Either way, have a LOVELY weekend and enjoy yourselves! =)

  3. Happy Canada Day, morningstar. I hope the royal couple enjoy some fireworks tonight!


  4. Your weekend sounds like it's going to be such a blast! Happy Canada Day weekend - have a wonderful break. Your time with your family and the dinner planned sounds just wonderful. All the best x


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