Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave

They - being the weather specialists - tell us we are in the middle of a heat wave up here in the Great White North.

The last two days have been in the high 20's - with the humidex factored in - it has been in the mid 30's.  Tomorrow they say it will be 34 with the humidex factored in - it will be 45 degrees (ok ok that is for those of you not on the metric system a whooping 113 degrees!!)

Now in my memory (which grows foggy with age) our normal summer temperatures are usually around 28 degrees (82.4) and I honestly don't remember the humidity being as high - for as long - as this summer.  Usually we have a little humidity which triggers a major thunder storm - and poof !!  humidity gone.

BUT that isn't happening this summer.... so it is a heat wave.

I live for the summer sunshine - and to some degree the heat.  

The strangest thing seems to happen to my body in the sunshine.  I go outside - curl up on my lil love seat under the red umbrella - and my body melts (in a good way) into the seat - totally relaxes - it is like a heat massage for the stressed muscles and body. My mind relaxes to the point I am just about brain dead.  The quiet summer noises serenade me into a self induced semi comatose state.  The longer I sit outside in the heat - the heat grows IN my body.  It isn't unusual for me to come inside - find one of the numerous vibrators/dildos I have - and have a quickie ........ yeah a quickie...... cause this heat wave burning inside happens more than once in a day.

I said in an email yesterday - that I wished I could bottle the well being that comes from sitting in the sun - the peace - the tranquility - the overall good feelings........ and bring it out again in the dead of winter - when the wind blows and your nose hairs turn to icicles the minute you step outside - and your breathe freezes - and the sun barely touches the earth - never mind warms it. 

But I can't - so I spend as much time outside as possible in the summer - damn the house cleaning - it can keep for those few odd days of rainy weather.  

OH ... one big problem with my love of sunshine and heat - W hates it... with a passion!!!  Poor W - he doesn't know what he is missing (cheeky grin)


  1. I love sunshine and heat too .... but NOT what we're having right now!
    I too am in the heat wave that is affecting y'all, and it's just too oppressive outside during the day.

    But you go sit under your little red umbrella. Just drink PLENTY of water with temps and humidex THAT high! (heat exhaustion is NOT pretty!) =)

  2. Take note I like the sunshine, butt knot with the heat that goes along with it...

    This heat better die down for Saturday or the outside dungeon people we are going to will have to close their eyes as I will go totally commando and that could/will ruin their fun...


  3. LOL@W

    from what i hear tomorrow things will start improving and be great by Saturday - besides we never go up until late afternoon anyway.. most of the heat should be dying down by then.. no??

  4. you have to wear clothes on Sat? Might stay at home with the pool i think.

  5. I'm with W... HATE the heat ...supposed to be 37 here in Toronto today, 47 with the humidex ... when I left home this morning at 4:40 it was 30 degrees ... YUCK.


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