Monday, July 04, 2011

I declare ..............

The whole weekend a "smashing success" !!

But I have to admit the highlight for me was our dinner yesterday with friends from the community.

The menu (for those of you interested)
spinach stuffed mini pitas
sausage rolls

main course:
baked potatoes
sautéed vegetables (3 types of peppers, onions, mushrooms)
steak done on the barbeque
shrimp done on the barbeque
cole slaw

brandied cherries over ice cream
coffee and liquers  

drakor came to serve and wore - for a brief time - his sequined skirt and skimpy lil top - to which I had added the long awaited, promised, pink rose

However the understanding was - that he was there to serve dinner - he was NOT there as our submissive........ more like hired help.  (and can I say - I could get used to having someone doing all the serving and cleaning up!!  I love to cook/create - but hate - with a capital H - cleaning up)  I had also made it clear to Lady B and MissM that if they wished to use him during the evening - they were welcome to do so.

Lady B quickly picked up suggestions on what turns drakor's crank - from some chats we had - out of ear shot.  So it wasn't long before she had him strip naked - while everyone else remained clothed.  It also wasn't long before she had him following her protocols - simple ones like asking for everything - to sit - to leave the room and to use polite proper sentences - for example " may I sit down please Lady B?"   I enjoyed watching drakor trying to keep up with the protocols - enjoyed watching his brain struggle with the rules........... it really was delightful !!

drakor moaned to me in an email this morning that I should re-implement the house rules for future parties so that he knew what to expect.  I don't think soooooooo!  That would make it way too easy on the slave side of drakor.... he would have some control.. some measure of the dom's ability to follow "our" rules.  No I don't think so.... much better if he is going to be "fresh meat" for the doms at parties - that he learn quickly what THEIR expectations are............ (honestly I think ours are too easy .... not enough challenge)

Just before dinner LadyB decided that drakor's lil weeny should be 'decorated' .  So her submissive went looking for and found my butcher's twine and scissors and in no time at all drakor was trussed up like a chicken ready for my rotisserie. 

And as much as LadyB played with drakor........there was also lots of discussion about BDSM in general and specifics.

(thanks to W for all the wonderful pictures - I was much too busy preparing dinner to be able to stop and take pics!!)

The evening ended all too soon - but everyone had an enjoyable time - I know I did !!!


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Wow, sounds like an incredible evening! I love to cook too, but my cooking club friends are very vanilla, so we don't get the sexy side. That's separate for me.

    as drakor drinking too? If so, that would make those protocols that much more difficult to even remember! That could add a little, spice, shall we say?

    On Sunday I cooked deep fried zucchini flowers as an appetizer, then pan fried chicken breasts with a cherry tomato pan sauce, and a spring pea and radish salad, and rice pilaf with pine nuts. For dessert we had a blackberry buttermilk cake. Yum!!

  2. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Sounds like good food and a lot of fun!! :)

  3. Wow!! What a party!! Sounds like it all went swimmingly on the night! Wonderful! x


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