Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have been feeling "stuck" for the last few days....... I thought Saturday had "unstuck" me but no.... it is going to take more than a spanking session (or two) to move me forward again.

I was thinking yesterday that it was bad to be stuck.. I didn't want to be stuck... I want to continue moving forward.  


as the day lengthened - I realized a couple of things ......... 
1) it is not all about me.. I may be ready (more than ready to move forward) but not everyone is ready to move forward at the same time 
2) it's ok to be stuck... life doesn't stop ... the world keeps spinning... status quo works

And while I am stuck - it gives me time to re-evaluate my values, my needs, my desires, hopes and dreams.  

And that's ok.


  1. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves during periods of being "stuck".
    Hope you find yourself trudging through! :)

  2. Embrace just being .... it does have some wonderful benefits!


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