Saturday, July 30, 2011

Social Butterfly

I am turning into such a social butterfly!!!

Yesterday W and I went to the Scottish Games in Ontario for the day.  

Today we are heading off to our Nation's Capital to a private play party and spending the night in an absolutely gorgeous hotel...... for free !!! (best type of hotel stay dontcha agree??)

The last time we were up in Ottawa - we stayed at this hotel.  I was a little bit disappointed.  I pointed out to W how - for a newly renovated hotel - our room left something to be desired.  Just small things.. not major .. but honestly we were paying good money for this room... and it didn't meet my expectations.  For example - there was a HUGE chip / gouge out of the bathtub.. we were missing drinking glasses.... but I found them .. out on the balcony full of cigarette butts....... 

When we got home W wrote the manager a letter describing our disappointment.  She wrote back and told us she would love to have us stay with them the next time we were in Ottawa on them.  

Well it has been ... umm... I am thinking almost a year since the incident.  We got the invite to the play party and so W wrote to the manager to see if we could still take her up on her offer.  And we could!!!!  YIPEEE...

So off we go for a fun weekend....... I'll fill you all in on the details next week...... 

Play safe till I get back.......


  1. Lucky you! I'm so curious now, about details and who and where, cause you'll be close to me. Enjoy your time in Ottawa, beautiful day.

  2. Pretend I've said something truly clever and witty. It is too damned early to think.

  3. DAMNIT! I won't be in Ottawa till Aug 12th! :(
    Maybe another time ....

    Enjoy your lovely weekend! :D


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