Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sounds of Silence

 And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening........

As I climbed into bed last night - after being up for just over 20 hours - I realized I had not spoken one word in all that time........... 
not - one - word.  I wondered if my voice even worked..........

It is one of the things that I like about summer break - the silence.  I can (if I want) go days and days without speaking to another human being.  Just listening to the exterior noises around me.. the hammering and clanging of the men working on the roof opposite me - their voices - their music (which truthfully all grates on my nerves - sounding like fingernails down a blackboard) ........ but in the background I CAN hear the birds singing - far off voices - children laughing and playing...... and all feels right with the world.

Too often - too many people are made uneasy by silence.  They talk to fill the silence - they have all sorts of background noise - televisions or radios or video games - something anything to fill the silence.

Once upon a time - my favourite song was Sounds of Silence.  I guess I have always believed people (in general) talk and don't say anything - listen without hearing.... and it has always disturbed me. 

I will admit that sometimes I am guilty of not talking when I should.  Of not voicing my thoughts and beliefs and feelings and hurts.  Sometimes I guess I figure what is the point??? We are all responsible for our own happiness and conversely our own sadness and hurt feelings.  Better to be quiet and find a way through the maze of emotions on your own.......... shrug...... but that is just me.  AND I know I am at times a tough old bird - who marches to her own drummer 

Which brings me to my blog (if you are following the bouncing ball) 

My blog is like my voice.  Here I can write whatever the hell I feel like writing... emotions.. rants... sadness.... joy and sheer cheekiness - if the mood so moves me.  At least the writing is silent ......spoken words tend to drift off into the great void that is silence ......... a kind of noise pollution.......... this writing helps me sort out the words that float around in my head............ without filling the world with useless noise.


  1. My mother used typing her journal as her "voice" - she loved living alone but, as you say, missed using her voice. I have her last few years' journals (she died in 2002) but can't bring myself to read them. Not sure why. I enjoy hearing your voice, Morningstar.

    Ana x

  2. thank you Ana :)

    i have a couple of written journals here at the house - i wonder if my girls will read them one day.. maybe...

    My eldest daughter gave me a "mom's journal" for Mother's day a couple of years ago.... it asks questions about my childhood .. marriage etc and i am supposed to fill it in... and then leave it for the girls i guess... i haven't filled it all in... it is more difficult than i thought to fill in the blanks.. i prefer to write off the top of my head so to speak ..

  3. Silence is Golden and we all know what the price of Gold is these days..

    So you must be filthy rich...


  4. I'm one of these people who flinches at noise. I need my silence and can and have stayed silent for days. Drives my nearest and dearest mad. I've grown up with "You are so quiet" observed about me!

    But in silence I hear myself and others more. And you can't get noisier than the written word!

    What a lovely post, thank you, all the best x


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