Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sexy Sadie

Yesterday - I actually had a completely different blog entry prepared in my head.  BUT it seemed important (at the time) to discuss the need for some "aftercare" some "debriefing" following a session - especially with complete strangers.  

So - the planned blog entry is a day late and a dollar short.........

Monday I woke with a headache - and a queasy stomach.  And it had nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with the health issues I have been am going through.  Nope ...... I had a hangover!!  Now I ask you - who gets a bloody hangover from 1/2 glass of white wine and an ounce of Bailey's with dessert???!!!  ME - that's who.  (big sigh)  So needless to say Monday morning was slow............ very very slow.  

But fortunately after a couple of cups of coffee and a handful of tylenol - I felt like I might live again......... so the tidying up from the dinner party began in earnest - the laundry was started - and the world seemed to right itself on it's axis.

Just after noon - I was feeling - not sure how to describe it - antsy - hungry - but not hungry for food - there was an emptiness in my gut that needed to be filled and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was I needed.

Then I realized ......... recognised ........ the feelings.........something I haven't felt / experienced in a long longgggggggggg time.  

I was horny.

After a weekend of vanilla activities and watching other submissives get played with .. my body was craving some sort of stimulation........... 

My mind wandered... I put the TV on and tried to distract myself..... I kept thinking "this too shall pass"

But it didn't - pass that is.

Then scenes started to play out in my head........ scenes of the sexy sadie (my name for the new suction cup dildo) stuck to a wall....... of W with a crop in his hand and clit vibrator...... and all manner of torture toys.......... 

Soon I realized there was nothing to do but give in to these cravings and find a way to satisfy myself............... 

I went looking for 'sexy sadie' and stuck her firmly to the stool in the kitchen....... found the vibrating rabbit for clit stimulation (another 'gift' from Eden Fantasies) and decided a little threat of discovery was fun........

I removed my shorts - pulled my longish top down modestly - and lowered myself onto the dildo........ I turned on the vibrating rabbit and ... how shall I put this delicately - rode that damn dildo until wave after wave of orgasms hit me....... my god I love that dildo !!  And the vibrating rabbit just added the extra "charge" to make it all that more pleasurable.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a kind of after glow - the laundry and cleanup process seemed so much more simple now.......... and then when the sun was off my secret garden I curled up outside with a good book and read the afternoon away............ 

Now that is MY definition of a good summer day !!  (well minus the hang over that is!)

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  1. I love the solution to this problem! You are so positive and pro-active! I love it! all the best x


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