Friday, July 29, 2011

Definitely a WINNER !!!

Well for the last few months I have been affiliated with EdenFantasys- a wonderful online sex toy retailer.

Now if you are anything like me (or the way I was ) you can't wander into a sex shop and browse - there always seems to be someone watching you - or worst yet - someone asking if they can help you .. what are you looking for??? embarrassing questions that I would do anything to avoid.  

Most of my first sex toys were purchased on line... and shipped ........ AND I had to go to the local UPS shop to pick them up - because they had come across the border and I had to sign for them.  Once - only once - there was some error - and the box was clearly marked "sex toys".  The chap who was serving me gave me this cheeky all knowing grin and told me to "have a good weekend" I nearly died right there on the spot.  It was also the last time I ordered sex toys on line.

Then EdenFantasys contacted me.  At first I will admit I was a little bit leary - would I be running all over the place to pick up the package?? Would I be embarrassed again??? Would it be worth the effort??

I have to say that I have been SO impressed with EdenFantasys.  The boxes are always delivered to the house - in the classic plain brown wrapper (cheeky grin) I have also been very impressed with "K" who contacts me regularly - sending me lists of toys to chose from.  I have made her life difficult more than once I am sure.... but not once has she showed her impatience.  She is living proof that there are still some companies who believe in "customer service"!!!

Now I haven't been involved all that long with EdenFantasys - but I am totally and completely impressed.  I don't know if any of you who read here have even visited their site - never mind ordered from them.. but if you haven't you are missing something.

Then a week or so ago "K" sent me an email - part of it said:

"I don't know if you heard the amazing news, but EdenFantasys won the "O" Award (which is a prestigious award given out by AVN) for Outstanding Online Retailer!" 

A big congrats to EdenFantasys - certainly in my opinion if any company deserves recognition they do !!!!

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  1. So, morningstar, tell me what you think about EdenFantasys ....


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