Thursday, July 28, 2011


Have you ever thought about misunderstandings - especially written ones??? How often I wonder do they stem from one person not understanding the intent behind the words of the other person.

I took a course once upon a time....... so long ago now I can't even remember what it was called or the purpose of it............. BUT....... I do remember a section of the course being on verbal feedback.  

When you are going to answer someone - make sure you have fully understood what they were saying - their intent.  Do this by regurgitating what you think they said.... for example.......... "Let me make sure I understand you ...... you said....... blah blah blah" and then you wait for their confirmation you did indeed get what they said.. BEFORE .. you respond.  In my humble opinion it makes for a very long convoluted discussion.

Sometimes when I write a blog entry - or an email - I put wayyyyyyyyyy too much information in because I am hoping to make myself clear - my intent clear.  Almost as bad as saying "Let me make sure I understand you................"  Sometimes (ok a good part of the time) I don't bother.......... and then  lo and behold - misunderstandings happen.

Yesterday's blog for example.  I was not talking about a formal collar - something that actually goes around your neck and possibly chokes the breathe out of you.. no no no.  I was talking figuratively............. being owned.... with or without a physical manifestation of that ownership.

Then later on in the day - an email of mine was completely misconstrued and resulted in a hateful response.  

Le sigh.............

Yesterday was not my day for communications............days like yesterday make me wonder why ....... WHY??......... I even try.  

But the sun came up this morning.... the words poured into my head again....... and I am back here writing......... (such a masochist !!)


On another completely different subject - though in a sense perhaps not - I am putting on my "teacher's hat" starting next week........ and going out to the Island to help middle grandson - the one who is afraid of leaving his family - even for a fun day at Santa's village - get ready for Kindergarten.

He did spend a year in "play school" ......... but it was just that ........ a place to play.  If a child didn't wish to participate in the slightly more academic parts of the program they didn't have to......... he didn't.

So in 4 weeks he is facing entering Kindergarten in a language he doesn't know (french) with a whole mess of kids who are almost a year older than he is.  As well - the schools up here in the Great White North - no longer use Kindergarten as an "introduction to school".  Nope - by September they are all expected to be able to write their own names - be able to write the alphabet  .. know their numbers / write their a few words or even better be able to read period!! ..... follow directions.. play nicely with other children .. and a multitude of other skills he just doesn't have.

So I offered up my services as a tutor for Kindergarten - who ever heard of such a thing?? (another Le Sigh) ............... We'll see how it goes ........ he may just very well end up wishing I would take him out to Santa's village rather than teach him his letters and numbers....... 

But baring any major gibberish issues - hopefully he and I will bond - he will learn something.. I will get to spend more time with all the grandkids... AND ... get myself ready for the start of school too......... after all - it has been nearly 7 months since I had to follow a schedule and actually use my head for something more than a hat rack...........


  1. I "got" what you were talking about. Just got so wrapped up in my own chatter about the subject, that I ended up with nothing to say...

    As for your teaching assignment -- WOW! That's a big order. I wish you and him the very best. I bet you will have him ready to go and looking forward to the adventure.

    hugs, swan

  2. Should the young squire be in need of sword and shield to face the dragon of kindegarden then do not hesitate i have them in his size helmet too.

  3. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Oh how I enjoy reading your posts because you put so MUCH information into them. It paints a lovely picture and you articulate it so well.

    Sounds like a very fun teaching assignment! The way I see it, entering a school where you don't know the language is best done as early as possible. How wonderful to have the opportunity to be bilingual from the start. We don't have such opportunities for that where I live.

    Good luck and have fun bonding with the grandchildren!

  4. I did misunderstand your intent, also this is sort of an issue with me. I have been told so many times that not having a collar, means such and such. Your blog is one I follow regularly because of the clirity of your thoughts and writing.

    Good luck with the tutoring, you are the person for the job!



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