Sunday, July 17, 2011

Covert Operations

Did you all miss me yesterday??? 

Well pull up a chair and let me tell you where I was and what sneaky operations I was involved in...........................

There was a gathering of 'doms' yesterday afternoon...  and it was rumored that they were going to be plotting and planning the demise of submissives (in general and specific)

I tried to garner support from my fellow submissives - but chickens all......... so it was up to me to go into spy mode and sneak into this gathering - risking life and limb for the sake of submissives everywhere (but especially here in our corner of the Great White North)

I arrived at W's early - and with some fast talking - a lot of wiggling and batting of eyelashes - I convinced him that I should tag along.  I told him I was going to bring my camera and practice using my new telephoto lens .......... and he bought my story!!!

When we arrived at the secret rendez-vous - there were 9 doms already there... there were bamboo sticks sticking out of the ground in what - at first appeared - random order.  But on closer inspection I could see there was a thin cord running from bamboo stick to bamboo stick, forming boxes - ah ha !! some sort of trap!!  And one of the doms was baiting the traps with brightly coloured balloons !!!  Most of the doms were huddled together under the shade of a tree - hiding from curious eyes ... and any spy like submissives.... (ok ok they were seeking refuge from the sun and heat - but my version sounds better!!)

I managed to look convincingly uninterested in their antics by wandering over to some canterbury bells growing a few feet away.  I took a couple of pictures of the flowers - and then - when no one was watching (I am very good at doing the 'invisible subbie' act ) I hid behind a sapling and paid close attention to what was going on not 10 feet away from me.

These doms were openly practicing their skills with whips........ of all sizes and shapes and colours !!!  OH MY GOD!!  we - submissives - were all doomed!!

Then I watched more carefully - I even managed to snap some pics of this ungodly whip practice.

I am pleased to report to all submissives everywhere......... we are safe!!  most of the balloons only wobbled slightly... more than one dom wrapped the whips around themselves... and even the police driving by saw no reason to worry or to stop.

Covert operation completed.... home we went to have a rest before heading out to the evening munch.

And that dear readers is the reason I was AWOL yesterday - but with good reason!!


  1. Funny!

    Clearly not devotees of the Bob Deegan school of whip wielding. He would have told them that it is ok to practice on balloons IF you intend to take a balloon to a dungeon.

    Congratulations on your successful mission!


  2. Ordalie11:56 pm

    "More than one dom wrapped the whip around themselves"!!!!
    What dom is that? I would have thought that wielding a whip efficiently was the first requisite for a convincing dom :))

  3. @swan - well i overheard a comment that the doms in question were not actually supposed to POP the balloons more like make them wobble. i can just see a whole line of subbies at the next event "wobbling"

    @ordalie - yeah whipping one would think should be a pre-requisite for dom-hood - which is why i believe - they were practicing in secret

  4. hmmm are you suggestiong the Dominants could not hit the side of a barn nor the ballon held securely waiting for the lash? So does that mean submissives and slave have to learn to move infront of the whip so as not to disappoing the dominant?

  5. *more than one dom wrapped the whips around themselves.*

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now THAT would have been a sight!!!



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