Thursday, July 14, 2011

Protocols - revisited

I know some of you don't understand the need for protocols in a relationship....... but this is something I needed to do for me............ so if you aren't interested in my view of protocols .. bye bye.. come back another day

The following is a selection of readings I did over the last few days... 

>Protocol is not ritual, although it may contain ritual elements.

>Ritual is a behavior, repeated by situation or on demand. The purpose of ritual is the ritual itself, and the feelings it creates in the submissive and/or the dominant.

>Protocol rules are the guidelines which the strong willed and intelligent submissive uses to make decisions in the best interests of her Dominant. It is a structure outlining
appropriate behavior and action. It is a set of rules which illustrate the Dominant's desires, needs and priorities. A well-structured Protocol allows confidence on the part of the submissive and the Dominant, and helps take D/S outside the bedroom and into everyday life.

Low Protocol (used most often in normal day to day life) is:
·         A continuous reminder of service and its responsibilities
·         Permitted casual behavior, yet with specific boundaries.
  • Recognition of station, orders, demands and requests
    in an invisible and unobtrusive fashion.
  • Behavior which reflects the dominant’s intentions and desired
    interaction on a personal and professional level
  • Awareness of accountability, despite the temptations
    offered by casual behavior and independence.
Middle Protocol (used most often used at play parties/ munches/events) is: 
  •  Prioritize decisions in the appropriate context
  • The time and place for degrees of casual behavior
  • Consistent ground rules of action and responsibility
  • Awareness and anticipation of the dominant’s needs, wants, and
    desires- and those of other respected Dominants in my
    company as a priority
  • Focus on BDSM priorities, no matter how long or strenuous the time spent in Middle Protocol

High Protocol (used most often for a short period for the dominant’s amusement – for instruction – or for punishment)  is:
  • Complete attention and focus, no matter what the
  • Absolute and instantaneous obedience, without delay,
    hesitation or question.
  • Decision-making and priorities are NOT part of High
    Protocol; the submissive’s wants, needs and desires are
  • All extraneous movement, speech, and thought are
    unacceptable. If HighProtocol is in effect, concentration
    is demanded.
  • Awareness that every move, answer and behavior is
    being carefully scrutinized and judged.
Rules always in effect:
·  Good Manners are always appropriate
·  Gratitude is always appropriate
·  Acknowledge a request, order or mistake
·  When in doubt, Ask. When in need, Request.
·  Maximum amount of information, minimum amount of

>The basic principle of submissive service can be summed up in one word: Attentiveness.

Ø >Your behavior should reflect your attentiveness to the dominant's needs and desires at all times. Your role is to serve those needs and desires.
Ø >Your ability to devotedly serve your dominant is a standard by which others will judge you AND your dominant.
Ø  >Power exchange is used during a scene or during the time when the
dominant and submissive are together

>Submissive’s Obligations:

In rank order, the submissive’s obligations are to her:
1. God
2. Biological Family
3. Education
4. Career/Professional Goals
5. Dominant
6. Household
7. BDSM Community
8. Extracurricular Activities



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