Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sexual Fantasies

I received the lastest sex toy on Tuesday from Eden Fantasies.  This one - trust me folks!!! - is more than a fantasy.  Much much more...............

yes yes it's a dildo .... and yeah I know!  you seen one you seen 'em all............ but trust me - this dildo is like no other dildo I have ever tried.

Where to start - where to start??

First off - it is called the crystal dildo - but it isn't crystal (for those of you - who might be like me and have some doubts about the hardness and coldness and unforgivingness of something as hard as crystal) no it is silicone through and through...... with ridges.  (Isn't there an ad about potatoe chips........ Ruffles have ridges??????? no?? well never mind) the ridges on this dildo are amazing !!! They add a "je ne sais quoi" to the whole experience. 

BUT I am jumping ahead of myself........... (taking a big breath)

When I told W I was getting another dildo - to add to all the dildos I have.......... I told him this one was different for sooooooooooo many reasons... the biggest one being - the one that attracted me the most - was - it has a suction cup on the bottom.  

Trust me when I say over the week I had to wait - from placing my order - I dreamed up such fantasies !!!  W helped with the fantasy thing by suggesting if the suction cup was as good as I thought.......... then perhaps it could be stuck to a wall and have me back onto it.........

Ok......... so the SUPER DILDO (said in a SUPERMAN voice) arrived Tuesday......... yesterday I was in no shape to try it out........... but this morning (is often the case with me ) I awoke horny as hell !!!  So after my first cup of coffee I decided to try out this SUPER DILDO.  

Oh my god it is amazing (have I told you that yet?? ) First I tried it on the hope chest (no pun intended) in the spare room 

It made me think of riding a pony (a BDSM pony) and how one could affix this dildo to the narrow edge of said pony.  My legs were spread wider than normal....... and as I lowered myself onto SUPER DILDO my thighs trembled.  At that moment I thought 'I have found a fun exercise to work on my thigh muscles!!)

After an amazing orgasm........ I decided to see how it would work on my kitchen stool.  I figured there were gonna be times when I didn't feel like exercising my thighs THAT much .......... so I moved downstairs to the kitchen stool.

Now there was the added touch of chance discovery - as the stool faces the kitchen window........ and my dear friend drakor came to mind - and the games he plays with discovery as the basis for play.  BUT it was only 6:00 am and not a whole lot of folks are up and about and rushing to the parking lot at that hour... so I was basically safe from discovery.

I had another absolutely amazing orgasm!

By now my thighs were trembling........... hell my whole body was trembling........ so when I attached the suction cup to the wall........... it was only to see how well it stuck...........

There was no way I was in any shape to try for a third orgasm - besides I think I will save that pleasure for W.  I can see him sticking it to the wall of his choice.. I can see him forcing me back on to it.... guiding my thrusts.......... playing with my breasts - maybe even using the crop on them while I move back and forth on SUPER DILDO!

I had some doubts about the suction cup......... and how well it would stick when one is bouncing up and down on it.. moving this way and that way - every which way but loose.......... but through 2 orgasms that suction cup held on....... didn't move...... didn't loose it's suction........... AMAZING!!

I can not thank Eden Fantasies enough for this fun (learning) experience with so many new sex toys.  They certainly live up to their name........... 

Trust me folks when I say - if you are looking for a new adventure - some spice in the bedroom - or any room with a wooden chair - you HAVE to try out this crystal dildo........ AMAZING just doesn't describe it well enough!! 


Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. Great review! I've always wondered if the suction cups on those would hold up to some serious thrusting!

  2. Anonymous10:07 am

    I've always been a fan of the B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend)...never have tried a dildo. After reading your review I think I'm gonna have to give it a try! I've always wondered about the suction, if it really works. Imagine what fun it could be in the shower?!

  3. I guess that one is a keeper

  4. If you mounted it to you bicycle seat....

  5. It's all KINDS of fun in the shower!

    Great review!

  6. Olá Morningstar,

    achei ótimo esta ventosa que tem na base do dildo.

    A cor também é delíciosa, atraente e sedutora, rs.

    Pensando em adquirir algo parecido com este teu...

    Fiquei com vontade, após ler teu relato fascinante.


    Beijos carinhosos,


  7. Agradeça deus para programs. de tradução. obrigado para seu comentário eu espero que você acha um dildo que agrada você

  8. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Oh yeah! I have this baby in orange and it is THE BEST dildo I own! :)


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