Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Busy

After 5 months of basically sitting around on my ass...... I went back to work yesterday.  Yesterday I was wishing I could get paid to stay home......... school was the last place I really wanted to be.  Over the 5 months of being at home (well - the last 2 anyway) I had become accustomed to cleaning during the day light hours - gardening when the sun shone....... doing what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted.

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon my body felt like it had gone a round or two with Mohammed Ali...... my brain was dead..... all I wanted to do was sit down and vegetate.

I went to bed early - knowing I wanted to go in early again today (I do NOT want to work too many hours in the heat of the day !!) So a 7 am start time sounds good to me.

At 3:30 this morning my eyes were wide open........ I hopped out of bed - ready to start my day.  Then I looked at the clock......... ok so a little enthusiasm goes a long way .......I tried - I really did try - to go back to sleep.............but all sorts of plans started formulating in my head...... what HAS to be done before I leave on Thursday for my summer vacation  - what can wait till August - what I want to do (cause it's the fun stuff) like planning programs for next year. 

I had a plan formulating for what I will do today.... I could SEE myself working on the spread sheets - doing the last fee deposits of the year......... there was just no point in staying in bed.  

So here I sit at my pc....... thinking what a total ass I am ... as no matter how much I want to get started on my day........ 4:00 am is just too early!!!  Never mind the fact the school doesn't open till 7:00 am...... Never mind the fact that by 3 this afternoon I am going to be good for 
N O T H I N G !!

But this is just who I am ....... when I get enthusiastic about something - sleep is not in my vocabulary............ just a tad OCD  I think.. just a tad.

So I am off to make a good cup of strong coffee.... read some blogs... and then head out the door for my second day of work............ maybe I really am not ready to retire.. this much enthusiasm is what keeps one young .............. right???


  1. Enthusiasm keeps one young?

    There is a thin line between enthusiasm and obsession. I can see how the two could be confused. I guess if you don't appear to grow younger then it was obsession.

  2. Good for you! I am sorry that the 3:30 AM monsters have hold of you, but I am delighted at your obvious delight and excitement.

    Do what you can, and then go enjoy the summer vacation.

    hugs, swan

  3. Anonymous5:28 pm

    OCD... I can totally relate to that! Hope you get the things you "need" to do done and can enjoy summer vacation! :)


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