Sunday, June 19, 2011


This was most definitely a weekend of corsets for me.  I had ordered a new corset (weight loss has made all my older corsets way too big) and have been waiting and waiting (rather impatiently I might add) for it to arrive.  

Well this was the weekend !!!!  

It has an oriental pattern of lotus blossoms...... is impossible to get myself into (sigh) Hell I can't even seem to get the clips on the front done up.......... 

but isn't it gorgeous??!! 

I plan to wear it next weekend - to another play party and thankfully W will put me into it.......and of course there will be much better pictures (thanks to W again) ...... I promise to post them then.

And then there was the kinky corset.....

Saturday at Oubliette........ Lady B asked me if I would like a needle corset.  It is something I have dreamed of having ever since the first time I saw a submissive at a party with one.  

Now I am used to needle corsets being done down the back - but Lady B said she would do it down the front.

I never realized how tricky these corsets are..... once the needles were in (W helped her to do it  ....... YAY!!  so now he can do needle play of the corset type.... double YAY!!) she carefully threaded the red ribbon around the needles to create the corset look.  

I couldn't wait to get up and go look at it in the bathroom mirror... Lady B kept telling me to go slow.... I thought (silly me!!)  that she was worried I would hurt myself.......... nope not even close.... the ribbons started to fall off the ends of the needles.... 

She had me sit upright while she re-threaded the ribbon - but it kept going limp and falling off..... 

Next time she said she would do the needles farther apart.... take more skin .. and tie the ribbon tighter......... "next time!!"  YAY!!!

BUT ....... W took a picture of it before I got up.......... isn't it gorgeous??!!!  

I am not sure which corset I like best...... (cheeky grin)

Then it was time for Lady B's favourite part of the whole exercise..... taking the needles out.  First she added alcohol to the needle then pulled it through my skin..... it sorta kinda burned ... ouchies... and of course there were the droplets of blood which she took great pleasure wiping up.. especially around my nipples........ the alcohol and the cool breezes made it feel very cold... and made me rather "nipply" (cheeky grin)

Damn I love corsets !!!!


  1. Good golly, Miss Molly!

  2. Wow.

    Now I love that oriental corset - it's so pretty!!!

    Now the needle one.. wow. I'm in complete awe!! All the best x

  3. OoOoOo ... I love BOTH corsets!
    I especially love the needle corset.
    I have seen pictures of them, and I have always been intrigued and drawn to them.
    Lucky lady .... ;D

  4. Anonymous6:11 pm

    What a wonderful job on the needle corset!!
    Strange enough - I have only one corset and it is very similar to the one you got- one of the only red things I own! :)


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