Monday, June 27, 2011


I wore my new oriental style corset Saturday evening to the play party.  Thank god for W as there was no way in hell I could get myself into it.  

First off - the 'buskers' (which are the fasteners in the front) are so stiff that I nearly broke a finger (never mind a finger nail) trying to slip the metal loop over the metal ball.  W had a helluva time too... and there was more than one "ouch" as his fingers slipped off the loops.  At one point W nearly stabbed himself in the eye with one of the metal bones.  (see me grinning??)

When the front was finally fastened up........ W moved around to the back to start lacing it up........... which is a bit tricky - because of the tenderness in my lower belly........ not too tight there but much tighter in the top half so that the bust is pushed up and perky.  

I discovered the questionable joys of wearing a well made, made to measure corset.  The steel boning was comfortable (almost) once it was on..... BUT.. unlike the cheaper corsets it wouldn't bend....... so when it came time to play W couldn't get my skirt off.  (see me sigh) I finally managed to wiggle the skirt down......... and play got under way.  However - once it was over - there was no way I could get the skirt back on!!!  Fortunately I had brought my floor length cape to cover my near nakedness on the way home.

I had remarked at the shop when I was strutting around in my new corset that sitting was going to be a problem.  R told me "you don't sit !!!  You perch".  Ever tried to perch on a car seat??? I had managed - very un-lady like - to get into the car - BUT I couldn't reach the car door to close it.  W had to get out and come round to my side and shut it.  At the club I managed to find a barber's chair to "perch" on....... though W had great fun making the chair go higher and higher so that perching became dangerously close to slipping off................ The rest of the evening was spent either "perching" or walking around straight backed - breathing carefully.

Today I was remembering how my grandmother always wore a corset under her clothing.......... couldn't stand a bra when she tried one on (at the ripe age of 89) said she couldn't breath !!!  Anyway those memories sent me looking for the history of corsets.  I was admittedly a bit shocked to read that corsets were all the fashion right up to the early 20th century.

Mothers would start "figure training" on their daughters at the ripe age of 3 or 4.  I read how a girl from the country was sent to the city to be prepared by an aunt for her "coming out party" and the first thing the aunt commented on was her clumsiness due to the fact she didn't wear "boning"  The aunt was aghast that her niece's waist was a massive 22 inches!!!  After proper waist training (6 months later) her waist was 16 inches!!!  Can you even imagine that ??!!!

I read articles written by women who advocated "boning" to obtain acceptable waist size.  The women would have at least 2 corsets - they would even wear them at night - only loosening them about 2 inches for sleep.  The women spoke of the pain in the initial stages - but how they came to crave the 'boning' and couldn't dress without it.   (memories of my grandmother)

I don't think I will ever have a 16 inch waist - nor will I ever sleep in a corset - but I am thinking it is a lot like W's tight bondage.  I can take it for so many hours then it has to come off NOW!!!  And with training I could last longer and longer with the ropes.... so I would like to try going longer and longer with the corset.  

I admit to loving how it makes me feel - how it makes me look - how straight I walk - how straight I sit...... it has an oddly feminine feel to it.  So perhaps I will be able to figure out how to get into my corset by myself .. and can start my own version of corset training. 


  1. not being able to sit or do some simple tasks well that seems like fun!

  2. I did/do love doing up the lacing of a corset as to Me it is a form of bondage ☺

    As the owner of the store said things will be easier in time.

    I just have to remember to wear safety glasses when I am biting morningstar ass during a play session.


  3. Color me ... simple. Hell, color me whatever.

    If something is uncomfortable don't wear the damn thing.

    That ain't advice. I'm just saying.

  4. I think being corseted all the time is how those women stayed so thin!
    You can't eat hardly anything while you're wearing one! =)

  5. oh, I forgot ... that corset is stunning on you!

  6. It is a beautiful corset. I am glad that you are pleased with it.

    hugs, swan

  7. It's a BEAUTIFUL corset! Beautiful and you wear it so well - it's just stunning!

    Good luck with the art of perching! :-) all the best x


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