Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lesson 3

Before I start today's lesson I will answer the questions from yesterday......... 

> Buffalo asked if the benches were adjustable  - the one at L'Oubliette is yes - but most are not.
>  sub-kitten asked if there were some benches that allowed the hands and feet to be tied..... most of them do have eye hooks that would allow for bondage - but a goodly number do not.  The second bench that I featured has legs which would certainly allow rope bondage

And that is it for the questions........ 

Moving on to today's "lesson"........... 

I give you the bondage table - BUT seriously I call it the multi-purpose table.......

If you look closely you will see eye bolts along the edge.  The submissive lies on the table and then ropes are added in pretty patterns (or not) and the submissive is bound to the table.

I (as of yet) have never been tied to the table...... I have, however, laid on the table - been bent over it .... have laid on it then slid off it...  (the table is waist high - perfect height for all of the above listed activities - for both Dom and sub)

I have been flogged, spanked and whipped on it...... However stretched out on the table is my favourite position for knife play.  And now after this weekend I like to have needle play done on it.  

I have to say - after the St. Andrew's Cross - the bondage table is probably my favourite piece of large equipment.

Questions anyone???


  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    Is that a cage area under the table? I have seen a few that act as a dual table top and cage beneath and find that appealing for an addition to a dungeon.

  2. Wow!! It's a mega-table! I love the opportunity for some bondage and restraints. Oh i've just read cavernofthebeast's comment too. Is that a cage under? Now that's so amazing! All the best x


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