Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Great Painting Adventure - Second Update!!

Sunday W helped me pick the new colour for the bedroom (seeing as I am a tad colour blind) 

And today was the start of the redecorating project............ 

Except the white paint I was sure I had in the basement - for trim and doors - was old, dirty and dried up.  (white paint is safe for me to buy alone)  So off I went to the local hardware to buy some more.  

Now I have a bit of a history with paint cans.  A few years back when I painted the basement - I ran out of paint and had to run out and buy an extra can.  When I got home I opened the car door and the damn paint can rolled out of the car - landing on the pavement ........ and the top burst open spilling the paint everywhere.

Today though - that never crossed my mind - as I had only bought a small can and it was in a bag - along with a square edged do-dad for doing the edges, corners and around the baseboards.    I got out of the car and was juggling the bag and my purse and trying to find the car remote to lock it .........when BANG!!!! the damn can tore open the bag and landed on my toe.................... 

Now despite my promises to W that I would wear proper shoes there was no way in hell I was gonna get a proper shoe on that toe....... it was swelling faster than ....... well let's just say it was swelling.

Anyway nothing was gonna stop me from getting this redecorating underway.  I used my nice new do-dad to outline the walls.  

As I stood there looking at the job I had done I thought how much it was like colouring - when I was a kid.  I would outline the objects in the picture and then fill in the middle.  I went and got the roller with a smile on my face - thinking how much fun this was.

Two hours later I wasn't so sure how much fun this was........ honest!  Up and down the damn ladder, toe aching and then shoulders aching.  By 2:00ish the first coat was on and I was done!!!  

BUT - I still had to clean up the floors.  I am not exactly a tidy painter and there were flecks of paint everywhere I looked.  So out came the good old turpentine, an old cloth, and the putty knife.  Then it was a hot shower and the sofa and some vegging time.

Tomorrow second coat goes on....... and hopefully that will be all it needs.

Oh if anyone is interested - the paint colour is baked brick.  Now wouldn't you think it would be a redish sort of colour?? It isn't.  It is a beige of sorts.  I just hope everything works when I bring the red quilt and curtains back in............ 

Well I decided to slap another coat of white trim - remember the white trim paint - the one I dropped on my toe????? this morning before getting on with the more challenging work of walls.......... I picked up the can of trim........ and the damn thing slipped right out of my hand......... from waist high.......... slamming into my hardwood floor spilling more than 1/2 the tin all over my hardwood floors............even turpentine is having a problem dissolving/cleaning up the mess............. who said painting was fun??!!!!  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

SECOND UPDATE - and hopefully the last..........

 I really should have just stayed in bed this morning.. or cleaned the house.. or weeded the gardens or done laundry - anything but paint.

I was moving the ladder with the paint tray on it - because I was too lazy to take it off...... when what to my wondering eyes ...... the paint tray tipped pouring beige paint all down me - all down the ladder and of course all over the floor !!!!

Also I needed to open the second gallon of paint to finish the last 3rd of the last wall.  Guess what ........ I am pretty sure it is not exactly the same shade as the rest of the paint........ cause that last third of the last wall now is a wee bit lighter than the rest of the walls........ I am NOT going to repaint the entire wall - I am going to find some sort of wall hanging to hide it.  I have had my fill of painting!!!!!


  1. Is it not just the toenail that is supposed to be painted red? not the entire toe?

    hmmm perhaps you should have used a nkaedpainter less taxing on the legs up and down and well it would not have saved your toe. i hope the toe heals quickly and i am sure the room will look great.

  2. I like the color of the room... not so much the state of your toe -- ouch!

    Take it a little bit easy. Sore toes can stay sore for a long while. I know :-P

  3. Ordalie2:01 pm

    Oh yes painting is fun, if you believe the tv ads that is! Not a fleck of paint anywhere, and the sexy clothes they're wearing to achieve their task, for God's sake!

    Exactly like the nice and smiling babies you see on tv (again!)


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