Thursday, June 02, 2011

To pooped to pop

Yesterday W and I did a cross border run for some shopping. I have been trying to dress up these days - rather than slopping around.  So I wore my new white trousers, with a red and white striped top and red high heeled sandals that showed my red painted toe nails.  Never again - for the high heeled sandals that is....... my feet were killing me - are still killing me today!!!  Who dreamed up high heeled shoes ?? Must have been some damn sadist!!

I have been wanting to change the theme of the master bedroom for a year or so.  The idea started off slow and started to build.... until... for the last month I have even been dreaming (literally) about what to do with the bedroom.  

I knew I wanted an oriental theme..... I also knew I had very little money.  So I decided to buy new curtains, buy a new quilt, and paint.  

BUT what to start with ?

Select a colour and paint and then try to fit everything else around it...... or buy the quilt and choose curtains and paint to match it..... or buy the curtains....... the possibilities seemed endless.  

So one of the things on my shopping agenda was to see if I could find a quilt that would sorta/kinda look oriental themed........ and be cheap!!!  We went from Kmart to Bed Bath and Beyond to Walmart ........... and believe it or not I actually found a red and beige and gold quilt that I have convinced myself is most definitely oriental themed..... I found curtains that matched - two panels of red and two panels of beige.  Then we did groceries...... and finally headed home.

My feet were killing me - so much for looking good in red high heels........ shopping should be done in running shoes !!!

When I got home did I sit down and relax???  Nooooooooo why would I do that?? I had to see how the quilt and curtains looked - so I stripped the bedroom down and added the new bed linens and curtains.  Stood back and admired it all... dramatic was the word that came to mind.

This morning I set to taking down the antique accessories and add some oriental accessories that were spread around the house... moved the antique cedar chest out of the bedroom (still full of clothes of course - cause it would take too much time to empty it and refill it - and I want things done YESTERDAY!!)  

Then I headed off to pick up groceries that I needed - and couldn't get in the States.  Then off to the hardware to look at paint colours - cause the redecorating isn't nearly done...... I HAVE to take everything off the walls - plug up the holes and get painting.... once I find just the right colour.

I am home now.......... groceries away - paint chips in the bedroom....... and my ass on the sofa.  My feet are killing me......... my body aches (probably from moving furniture) .... and I have a small headache - but the bedroom project is definitely underway- and I promise NOT to try and do it in two days.......... (like past painting/renovation projects)


  1. Ah, a decorating over achiever. I completely understand the impulse to do it all in two days. You know it is going to look so nice, you want it done now.

  2. Sounds very exciting,would love to see pics when its finished.

  3. SOunds like you had fun almost a slaving day for you lol do enhoy the new look.

  4. Should have stuck to Buffs fantasy painted toenails and flat strappy sandals


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