Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesson 4 - EDITED

Questions from yesterday's lesson:
cavernofthebeast asked:  "Is that a cage under the table?"
You are very observant - yes it is........ However the only way into it is to lift off the top and climb in....  which no one - to my knowledge - has tried.  You have to "climb up" just to get on the table... I would think it would take some work to climb up and IN the cage.  

However there is a cage (actually a couple of them) at Oubliette......... here is one of the cages......... 

Now there is a couple who use the cage almost every visit.........and I know bandit's submissive is often put into cages at parties (not theirs - but other ones) 

Once I was put in a cage - a long long time ago - when I was trying to work out what I liked and didn't.  There is a feeling of being very exposed in a cage - believe it or not (well for me anyway) And I believe people's attention is drawn to someone actually in the cage (because so often they are empty).  My experience started off fun..... W had me put my thumbs through the bars and used thumb cuffs on me so that I could not move from the spot.  A number of doms (and submissives too) asked if they could 'torture' me - which had me wiggling and squirming - just at the thought !!!   

However there was a definite down side to the cage and being cuffed so I couldn't move.  W (thinking I was more or less safe in the cage - especially considering the BDSM etiquette that NO ONE played with a submissive without the express permission of their Dom) had gone off to chat with some friends.  Another Dom - one we both knew quite well, came up behind me and hit my ass with an electric fly swatter of some sort and a) scared the devil out of me - and b) marked my ass.  I screamed bloody murder (especially considering my horrific fear of electricity play) and W soon rescued me.  Since then I have not been comfortable going into a cage - not unless W is right there watching.

The next piece of equipment which probably doesn't need much explanation is 
The Stocks:

These stocks work a little differently than every day normal stocks that you see at parties... to get into these the submissive must kneel - lean forward - put their neck/head in the bigger hole and their wrists/hands through the smaller holes.

I have not been in these stocks - though it isn't a hard limit or off the list of possibilities - but I have been in the standard stocks - where one stands and the head and hands are restrained with the wooden slats.  The problem for me was two fold - 1) it was at camp and bloody cold - and I couldn't relax due to the cold and 2) we didn't realize until after that the stocks were adjustable.  So I was bent in an uncomfortable position and the wood slats over my neck felt tight - as though it would choke me.  It was not the most pleasant experience - and once I told W - he removed me from them immediately - cuddled me and made sure I was ok - before stringing me up on another piece of equipment.  (grinning) It's ok to have a freak out over one piece of equipment - but it doesn't get me out of going on another.

Now the last piece of equipment at Oubliette is this one...........  

Honestly I am not sure what you call it........ for me it has multi-purposes......  

It can be lowered and raised by an electric winch.  I have had the bar lowered to just above my head - had my wrists attached to the eye bolts on either side and then flogged/whipped.  

However it can be used for suspension.  The submissive would be tied (in pretty patterns usually) then attached to the center of the bar and the winch used to lift the submissive off the floor.

For example................. 

Now W has tried suspension with me at a BDSM bed and breakfast (called Warm Buns) we stayed at a few years ago.  He was quite excited to try suspension........ and yeah I have to admit so was I.  He had me hanging by my feet - upside down - which unfortunately caused me to get very dizzy (ok ok!!  more dizzy than normal ) BUT I have to say it was an amazing feeling - the total helplessness of it... the exposure (being as it was private just W and I  - I was naked) and quite "hot" ............ 

Now that brings the lessons on equipment at Oubliette to a close............. any questions today????

Tomorrow I thought I might do a little 'lecture' on the Leather Pride Flag - not as many people as I thought know/ knew about the Leather Pride Flag ........ and for me it is an interesting story............ 


Spankedhortic mentioned in the comment section that the stocks were feet and the pillary was for the head and hands.  I was confused - because I have been to historical villages and remember being put into "stocks" .  So I went looking on the net.. it would seem I am not the only one who confuses the two... However having gone to quite a few different sites (and believe it or not - almost picking up a virus - thank god for security programs!!!)  I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong.

Stocks were meant to hold the hands and feet ............ 

and the Pillory was meant to hold the head and hands... 

And then there is the BDSM version of stocks


  1. Anonymous7:38 am

    Great equiptment-it is clearthat the owner investedalotof timeandmoney int that dungeon. Very nice...

  2. I hope this is not too boring but I do enjoy putting my pedantry head on :)

    Those are not stocks, Stocks hold the subject by the ankles, in a sitting position. That is a Pillory, designed to hold the subject by the head and wrists.

    Sorry about that but I do enjoy the occasional pedantic outburst.


  3. all look like fun even the cage

  4. I've seen enough movies to know about stocks. The wooden lift thingamabob that is secured either to the wall or ceiling looks interesting; talking clever interesting. Do you have an close ups of it or the hoist?

    What in the hell is an electric flyswatter?

  5. Wow -there's so much here!! Thank you!! Oh and I am so sorry about your bad experience in the cage.

    I am absolutely fascinated with the pillory/stocks!

    Thank again. xx

  6. Ordalie1:52 am

    I would call the last piece of equipment a yoke. How does bandit call it?

  7. good question Ordalie - what bandit calls it....... I am not sure he actually calls them anything...

    but a yoke is a free standing wooden bar to fit over the head of an ox for pulling things... I have had a yoke - modified - on me ... and I would class it up there with pillory

  8. Oops! Sorry to lead you such a merry dance around the internet. I'll try to keep my pedantry under control next time. Pillory or Stocks, it doesn't really matter in the long run.


  9. Spankedhortic - don't you dare stop being "pedantry" if I am wrong I want to be told !!! Otherwise how do we learn??? and it was fun doing the search....

    So don't you ever stop !!


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