Thursday, June 09, 2011

Humiliation and frustration all rolled into one

Last Thursday I think it was -  my UPS guy showed up with the latest sex toy for review from eden fantasies.  I am beginning to think he and I are starting a relationship...... I mean once a month he comes to my door - hell he even uses my name now!!

BUT ........ moving on......... 

I had been given (as usual ) a long list of toys to choose from..... and I was to select 3 that interest me and return that list - they then select one from my list.

On the list this time was a remote controlled vibrating egg.

Now I have had remote controlled vibrators before.. I have even had a remote controlled egg before and didn't much like the egg.  I found it to be hard and uncomfortable inside.  BUT - everyone has been telling me how much the eggs have changed - how they now have this silicone cover and are much much more comfortable.  So I put the vibrating egg on my "wish list" and sat back to see what would come.

When my UPS guy dropped off the package - it was ........... you guessed it....... the remote controlled vibrating egg.   

Yeah yeah I know the colour is ........ ummmmmmm... vibrant to put it mildly - but it could have been worse !!!  They had a hot pink one!

I didn't care about the colour, I was more than a little excited.  In the past when I used a remote controlled vibrator - with W holding the remote -  there was this sense of no control (yeah yeah DUH moment!)  I could be eating my dinner or talking with friends and suddenly the vibrations would start and I would levitate off my chair or gasp out loud.  It was fun.  It was a toy!

I asked W if we could try out the new egg on Saturday at the play party.  I couldn't think of a better place to try it.  Also I have wanted to see what it would be like to have a vibrator used at the same time as a spanking.  I thought "double the pleasure - double the fun".

So the bright vibrant orange egg was packed in with the other toys and taken with us to Oubliette.  I did not pack any lube..... why I don't know....... except most of the time I don't need any lube.  

Anyway - getting back to the telling part........... 

I asked W if we could sneak off to the dungeon (before dinner) and try out the egg and a spanking.  I had done a head count and figured we would have the dungeon to ourselves.  

BUT when I opened the dungeon door and stepped in.... I realized there were 2 couples there chatting.  I almost backed out.  BUT...... it was now or never so in I went with all the courage I could muster.  

W with the help of the other 2 male submissives moved the bondage table into a position away from the chatting - and turned it so that I could get my pussy as far away from their view as possible, handed W the egg and the remote and climbed up on the table.

Ok - so here's where it all went wrong.  I was nervous - god was I nervous.  I couldn't help but think what would they be thinking - the chatters - and in a blink of an eye I went from being curious and anxious to try - to dry as a desert and tight as a drum.

W tried everything........ I was wishing I had brought some lube.... I was thinking just shove the damn thing in....... it seemed to be taking forever !!!  Finally with gentle persuasion W got the egg in and I flopped - very ungraciously - over on my tummy buried my head in my arms and wiggled my ass at W to get started.  (very submissive behaviour right?? sighhhhhhhh)

Quick side bar here....... this is the remote controller - 

Can you see it has 3 buttons.  The small button by itself - is the on off switch.  The button right on top of it is to increase the speed and vibrations and the button on the other side is to slow it down.  Now one feature this vibrator has that I really liked (I did try it out before we went to Oubliette) was it has a pulse feature - vibrate stop vibrate again.  Unique to say the least.  It also has a really good strong vibration.

W put it on the strong vibration and picked up the first toy - a leather spanker.  My mind exploded.  I didn't know what to focus on - the pain or the vibrations.  My mind kept flip flopping between the two... and didn't settle on either.  I couldn't get on my high to get past the pain.  I couldn't get into the vibrations to get wet and wiggly.  

W had moved on to the next toy and I was ready to pull my hair out.  I motioned for W to come close and I whispered to him - "Pull that damn thing OUT".   So out it came and I settled down to a very nice spanking complete with my fairies. 

As for the poor discarded egg............ it was packed up in the toy bag and almost forgotten about.  

In all fairness though - I would like to try it one more time...... when W can put it in with lube and teasing - with no one watching.  

Despite the silicone covering I have to admit I still found it big and hard inside of me... and that may very well be a personal thing.. probably is... considering how weird I can be.  

I want to try it again because I am still drawn to the pulsing feature... and I would like to try it when I can fully appreciate the many features/speeds it has.  

I would definitely recommend it and would love to hear other's experiences with eggs - like can you cum just from the vibrations?? Do you find them big and hard??? 

If you want to check out this vibrating egg or any of the other sex toys pop over to eden fantasies and give them a look see...... I promise you won't be disappointed !!!

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  1. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Good job! I got my first Eden Fantasies product last month--the Whartenberg Wheel, and really enjoyed using it and writing about it. I think they have a great program and glad to see you are also involved. I don't think my wife would like the egg, though, she's not much for vibrators, but it's great that you get to try out new stuff all the time.

  2. Should be thankful it didn't crack!

  3. my my poor little egg.


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