Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrate !!!

Time to celebrate......... I am officially off sick leave.. and on summer holidays!!

The last two days here - while I was in school - locked to the computer - it was summer-like weather - hot hot hot and sunny.  

For two nights in a row I treated myself to some ice cream........ not a lot of ice cream... just a small dixie cup .. just like what I used to give my kids.  Yummy it was good.  

Now I know I am not supposed to eat nuts or dairy... but my tummy has been so good recently - running like a well oiled machine........ so ... I forgot... and had 2 small - VERY small - ice cream dixie cups.

Today - at noon - the pain hit. This pain is the worse pain you have ever felt... worse even than the gallbladder attacks.  Thank god 99.9% of the work was done... I slipped quietly out the door ... and came home to die .......... of stupidity.  

Tomorrow ........ hopefully the sun will shine.. the heat will return.. and I can spend some quality vacation time in my secret garden... without any ice cream...........


  1. Oh no! Are you ok now? Please please have some non-dairy nut free ice cream! There must be some around?!?!

    Take it easy and rest! all the best x

  2. Ditto what kitten said... please be OK. Must be some sort of non-dairy yummy treat that you can enjoy without pain... Maybe Italian Ice? We like a brand called Luigi's...

    hugs, swan

  3. Come on. You didn't forget. You were hoping you could get by with it.

    Ice cream brought on the gall bladder attack I experienced. After the cantankerous organ was removed ice cream didn't bother me.

    Would you be able to eat sherbert?

    Sorry you are feeling poorly.


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