Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class is in Session

I promised I would talk about large equipment found in most public play dungeons (at least here in the Great White North) 

Yesterday I talked about the St Andrew's Cross ........ now that piece of equipment is pretty self explanatory (when you see a picture - or the actual cross).  

Today I thought I would pick the one piece of equipment that I hate....... loathe... despise.... in fact it is one of my few hard limits.... 

The spanking bench. 

Now let's see if I can explain this particular one.. 

First you put your body along the middle of the bench....ass at the closest end...... If you look closely to the side of the bench... you will see two ledges at different heights.. there are identical ledges on the other side.  The lowest ledge is to put your bent knee on...... the slightly higher one is to rest your arms on.

Now your ass is exposed for a spanking........ or sexual play as well - especially if your ass is right at the end.  

Now the thing about spanking benches is quite simply put - one size does not fit all.  I find most spanking benches at public events not a good fit ........ the middle bit where the bulk of the body goes - is usually very narrow.  And for some reason it usually bites into my sternum making me feel like I am going to puke (sorry but it's true)  

The other thing I dislike about the spanking bench - is how exposed I feel.  I can't get my mind past that...... and to be truthful - any and all hits seem to cut into me more.. hurt more... I just don't like them one little bit.

Now bandit - owner of L'Oubliette - has made a new type of spanking bench. 

You kneel on the front bit and lean forward and put your upper body over the higher part.  

One day maybe I will try that one.. it is wider and seems to offer more support to the body ......... and because you kneel on the front of it (instead of on each side) I am thinking I will feel less exposed and more secure. 

Alright class ......... any questions??? (cheeky grin)


  1. one of the best spanking benches i've ever experienced was of the second kind, but I think the part that supports your body was longer. (long enough to lie on if you wanted to - the idea is that it was a multi-purpose bench). Underneath it was a "cage" with a wee door in the side underneath where the head would go. with the cage bars underneath, the top could attach straps to you or you could be free to wiggle and move as much as you like. On that particular occasion, music came on that had a very deep and heavy beat that i could feel, deep in my tummy, and it wasnt too fast either. He began to beat my backside with a thuddy flogger in tune with the music, and i began to move with the music - I wasn't tied down. It felt very trancelike and absolutely amazing - different to the stillness i normally experience when i go into subspace - i just didn't want this heavy beat music to stop, the thuddy flogger to stop. totally lost myself in it and the rhythm. I suppose akin to how people lose themselves when dancing at concerts. quite amazing though and i've always wanted a spanking bench like that ever since.. lol. but I'm like you. couldn't be doing with the first kind of bench, or the kind where it bends you over double.

  2. Interesting. Assume they are adjustable?

  3. The first one looks uncomfortable in all kinds of ways!
    The second one however, looks like all kinds of FUN! =)

  4. I vote for the second one too! That's definitely sexier! Is there one where feet and hands may be tied up too? One of my main problems according to my Dom is that I wiggle too much! All the best x

  5. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Master has put me over both kinds at events and I definitely liked the second one better as far as not feeling so vulnerable.


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