Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday play time

After the lesson in needle corsets, and after a really good supper of barbeque steaks and potatoe salad ( I finally made my mother's potatoe salad to good reviews from W !!!  high praise considering he is a bit of a potatoe aficionado) we moved to the outside dungeon to have a little play time.

I had been bitching - yes bitching - about how cool it was up North ( a good 5 degrees lower than in town) and in my skimpy little blouse, bra and thong, I had goose bumps.  W promised I wouldn't be cold for long............... 

And how right he was!!

We used the St Andrew's cross pictured above.  For those of you unclear on how it works - per say - my wrist cuffs were clipped to the upper arms (one on each side) my feet were firmly planted on the 'step' my ankles are rarely fastened to anything because of my knee issues - and I do need - from time to time - to flex the knees even straighten the leg out completely (OH gee.......... innocent look .......... did I kick you??? )

And W started in on whipping my ass.  Lady B was playing with her sub right beside us.  At one point I heard her say to W "wanna try this?" and as I turned to see what "WE" were gonna try on "MY" ass both Lady B and W told me to turn around and not look.  

I kinda held my breath wondering what the hell was gonna hit my ass.  After all these years .......... and all the toys we have......... I figured I had felt just about everything.  WRONG ANSWER!  This one stung like wasps but felt so good!!  I stuck my ass out further - indicating I wasn't in the least bit of distress - in fact quite the opposite - I wanted more of whatever it was W was using.

W started laughing and Lady B who wasn't really watching - called over to me "say I love you Lady B" which I did quite willingly......... to the surprise of Lady B and good natured laughter.

W went at me for a few minutes with this mystery toy........ then I heard the dreaded "oooooops" (not something one wants to hear from the Dom whooping your ass) 

It turned out this neat lil toy had opened the skin on my ass.......... so the toy was returned ........ my ass cleaned up .. and the play continued blood / bleeding has never deterred W before (thank god) and didn't on Saturday night.

After a nice long session of whips and quirts and all manner of stingy toys I was let down off the cross for a little rest.......... 

It turns out the nasty lil toy that opened my ass is called a "metal tipped bootlace flogger" - or simply put a "cat 'o nine tails" with metal tips.

I am thinking it might just show up on my wish list for W for Christmas - or his birthday.......... it was a toy well worth having in one's toy bag - especially if you are into  little more intense play.


  1. So St. Andrew had his own cross, huh?

    With those metal tips on the end I would think not cutting would be all but impossible.

    And, last but not necessarily least, you share something with a former Vice President.

    I mean how cool is that?

  2. You are just incredible!! And beautiful - thanks for sharing your play - my stars, I feel like a complete novice - oh hell, I am! LOL! all the best x

  3. Hmm .... that whip looks both enticing and intimidating.

  4. Ordalie11:18 pm

    "you share something with a former Vice President."
    Give a name, for God's sake! I'm not in the know!

  5. Anonymous6:16 pm

    That looks sensational!!


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