Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dress to impress?

One of the problems I have always had about going to play parties - is the dress code.. or as I like to put it ... dressing to impress.  

I am always amazed at the wardrobes people have for kinky play parties.   I don't think I ever see anyone wearing the same outfit twice.  The other problem I have is most of the outfits are daring and reveal a whole lot more than I am comfortable revealing.  (which is pretty stupid seeing as I can - from time to time - land up virtually naked during a scene - and after wards - until I get my feet under me again and my brain working) But there you have it......... I am a prude of the worst sort.

I am most comfortable wearing a corset with a long skirt.  

But right now I have exactly one corset that fits and one long skirt that doesn't fit .  

I do however have a black leather (nice soft kid leather) halter dress that I bought late last summer when I was losing weight ...... slowly.  Unfortunately the dress was still too small so I hung it in my cupboard until the day came when I could wear it.

Well we have another play party we are going to this weekend........ and so I pulled the leather dress out and tried it on.  It fits ok.......... yeah just ok.......... it is a wee bit big in the bust and fits fine over my hips.  

I also don't much like wearing just black - I think I look like a corpse ....... or boring.. or something less than flattering.

Oh I found a very close facsimile of the dress on the net................ 

I have decided to wear it ... despite it's being a bit big across the top....... but I have also decided to dress it up a little bit............ 

I have white cuffs I am gonna add ........ wear white fish net stockings.... and knee high leather boots........... oh yeah and a pair of white thongs underneath.  I know the knee high black leather boots are gonna land me in trouble - seeing as submissives don't usually wear them - female dommes do - sigh - here I go again.......... But I hope to be able to carry it all off with confidence and a splash of "je ne sais quoi".  (I'll let you all know how it goes afterwards - promise!!)


  1. can i get pictures of the outfits o you?

  2. I wear black leather boots all the time!

    You should totally take a pic and share it. -nods-

  3. hot dress! you will make it look wayyy hotter too, no doubt! have fun!~

  4. We would love to see a pic. Pretty please?

  5. @kaya, I know morningstar isn't into just leather boots and nothing else like you wear, butt it would be nice to see her that way ☺

    @morningstar, maybe you should put on your new list of clothes and things a boob job to fill out that leather dress ☺ Maybe it is time to go and visit Johnny at Il Bolero when he and Frankie get back from their trip to Hedonism.

    @littlemonkey, you mean a picture of just her dress??



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