Friday, April 16, 2010

private bits

Many years ago i had my first surgical procedure........ and just prior to it, the nurse came in and shaved me, from arm pits to knees. i remember it being a very embarrassing procedure - well the shaving of my pink bits !! But the strangest thing happened.

After the surgery my hands went exploring - bandaging, stitches, and...... a shaved pussy. i rather liked the feel of clean smooth skin ... definitely liked it. When i got home i shaved myself again - because i wanted to see what it looked like........ and i liked the way it looked. And a new habit was born. i shaved my private pink bits as often as was needed.

i especially liked it during the hot humid months of the summer. It always felt so clean and fresh.

So coming into the BDSM lifestyle and finding out a lot of the submissives i met shaved.. and that a lot of the Doms i met preferred their pussies shaved... it wasn't a stretch at all for me to keep myself clean shaven.

i have had a Dom or two who rather enjoyed the process of shaving me.. enjoyed more the embarrassment it caused me (at least at the beginning)

Over the last month i haven't shaved....... it just didn't seem necessary. It certainly wasn't hot and humid around here ........ and i didn't have a Dom to shave for. (Though truth be told - i do believe most of my Doms lost interest in the shaving process once the initial embarrassment wore off)

Anyway........... the other day when i was masturbating.. i got quite a shock at how thick and long my pubic hair had gotten. i slapped myself upside the head. Just because i don't have someone in my life right now is absolutely NO reason to let myself "go" (so to speak).

And besides the vibrator doesn't vibrate as nicely against my clit with all that hair hiding it.

So yesterday i pulled out the shaving equipment - positioned the mirror just right on the closed toilet seat - and went at it. God !! i almost thought i needed a machete !!! (if anyone is interested - i also shaved my arm pits and legs too - i had really let myself go !!)

Once i was done shaving....... and cleaning up.. and then taking the required bubble bath to finish the pampering.. i was pooped !!! My body had a good case of the shakes - and my legs felt as though they wouldn't hold me. (damn this bug !!)

So i spent the rest of the day quietly resting.. but i did do one more thing.. gave myself a manicure......... my nails are all nicely filed down.. and painted "spring" pink.

And Buffalo - the pedicure is up next.......... soon it will be time to wear strappy sandals.. and i want my feet looking their best...... with painted toe nails. If it hadn't been for you...Buffalo .. i never would have realized men actually look at ... and enjoy .. strappy sandals with painted toe nails !!!

Life marches along...........


  1. Hi There,

    I know you don't really know me, and given the way some of your friends feel about me you may not want to hear from me, but I just wanted to say hello and offer some encouragement.

    When Master ended his relationship with his slave of nearly 10 years (and my sister slave of six years), I thought I might die. I also let myself go, and I think both of us dealt with a bit of temporary insanity. I think it's wonderful you're taking time to take care of yourself.

    They say it takes one month for every year of the relationship to start to heal. Just make sure you give yourself that time and more.

  2. A man looks at every inch of a woman, top to bottom and side to side, with a great deal of pleasure.

  3. I always feel so much sexier and hornier after I've shaved.
    In my world though, the toes are always painted.
    Strappy sandal weather or not! lol

    So glad you're taking care of YOU!

  4. i lovvvvve shaved pussies (well actually i prefer a lil tufty there on others, but that's another story), and i have a bit of a thing for pretty girlie feet with painted toenails. Might have given away too much about myself there, *ahem*. Glad to see you are starting to feel a bit better though :)



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