Thursday, April 01, 2010

Post script ....... Update....... Whatever

ok...... so....... in case anyone read the earlier post and is interested.........

The two kids did not come to school today. No one answered the phone at the house.

i spent the morning in the principal's office trying to raise DYP (like trying to raise the dead !!! Honestly !!) And then finally around 11:30 we called the police (don't ask me why it took till then to call the police...... just don't ask me !!!)

Then at 12:30 the ball started rolling. i am guessing the police - who did a house visit and no one answered the door - called DYP themselves 'cause not one but TWO DYP agents called the school - then one came out to the school with the police to interview me.

When i finally left - at 3:00 - the DYP were going to the house and would probably remove the children.

Why did i leave at 3 you might ask??

'Cause at 2 something.. a kid throwing a fit.. cut me with a pair of scissors ............. i must have been distracted - no one in all my years of doing this sort of work has EVER caught me off guard enough to actually cut me.......... can i say OUCH !!!

So i am home safe and sound...... with antibiotic cream for the cut..... aspirins for the headache........

i now plan to have a nice cup of coffee and put my feet up .... Easter break starts NOW !


  1. I don't know how you do it. I can't figure out if you are a saint or a freakin' idiot. I wouldn't last ten minutes at your desk.

  2. i thinik shes an angel..<3

  3. I think, my dear, that you are simply a heart on feet. And you care for these kids with a passion and a dedication that is powerful, but also draining. You should not blame yourself for not spotting this one. One thing we have to know is that, in spite of everything we can do, we can't save all of them. It is the work of picking starfish off the beach and throwing them back into the water -- when some look at the work we do and tell us that we can't possibly make any sort of difference against such odds, we need to remember that we make a difference to the ones we do manage to get our hands on. It is not everything, but it is way better than nothing.

    Enjoy your break.

    Hugs, swan

  4. Anonymous11:11 pm

    I've given you the beautiful blogger award, which I think it totally deserved. The details are on my blog if you'd like to come take a look :) I hope you enjoy your break

  5. Hi morningstar. The work you do is so very difficult and it sounds as if your principal wasn't giving you the full support you needed. FYI - I work in the area of child abuse and we have seen similar situations in our state with the principals interferring with teachers trying to report abuse. We have tried to make it clear that the witness to the abuse (i.e. - you, the teacher) must make the report - not the principal. In our state, it is illegal for the principal to interfere with your reporting and you do not have to have his/her permission - regardless of "school policy." Don't let the principal dissuade you from reporting if you feel the child is in immediate danger. Trust your gut!

    Good luck. Keep up the good work out there. Kids need you.



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