Friday, April 30, 2010

Not much new

Well I kinda think I have filled this blog with all sorts of angst and good news and news and blah blah words rather regularly these past 8 weeks or so.

And I think I am slowing down.

My "dance card" is rather full these days so hopefully I will have lots of chatty news coming up soon.

For now I will bring you up to date on the more mundane things in my life....

The doctor's appointment went well on Wednesday - most of the viral infection of the " I wanna die" sort is gone. I am still suffering from sleepiness - honestly I was starting to think I had mono - but apparently not. I will be home for another week - maybe two - I see the doctor again next week. But she cleared me to socialize and party .. ok she didn't exactly say that.. but she did say I could return to normal activities......... just make sure I nap when I need to ...... (that is not a hard prescription to follow!!) so I will nap.. and I will party and I will get my house cleaned and the laundry done and the groceries bought......... YAY me!

My baby daughter turned 30 yesterday - guess she isn't my "baby" daughter anymore. I have to wonder where those 30 years are gone?? (and try very hard NOT to think how old that makes me!!) The family celebrations are this weekend - and because I have been under the weather - eldest daughter stepped up to the plate and is hosting the celebration. YAY eldest daughter !!

I have been out three times this week for coffee with some BDSM friends. It is really nice to start getting back into the swing of things. Lots of new discussions happening.. lots of challenges to think about .. lots of new ways of thinking/acting/seeing things to mull over in my addled brain......... but a whole new world IS indeed opening up and it is fun and exciting.

There is a HUGE event I am going to this weekend. And the chap who did my clit piercing will be performing - I am looking forward to seeing his show. I am sure it will be something to push the limits of my mind. (He is really into some kinky stuff !!)

Tonight I am going out for dinner with friends. And I really need to get the house spruced up so I can invite them back for coffee. I love entertaining and it looks as though there will be more and more opportunities to do that

The sun is shining ...... the weatherman is promising some nice spring weather...
God's in His heaven and all's right with the world.


  1. Sagacity for the day: When your dance card is full, wear comfortable shoes ;-)

    Mr.Upton, "The Thom McCann of life", Ogood

  2. How good it is to hear that your life is feeling rich and full and happy!

    hugs, swan


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