Sunday, April 25, 2010


i learned a very important lesson this weekend.........

Remember i said that i had been told that "they" would be banging down my door?? i learned this weekend that "they" don't have to be prospective Masters no no not at all.... "They" could be and are good friends who have been waiting in the wings for me to surface again..........

Let me tell you what happened....

On Friday late afternoon i had an email from a long lost - but not forgotten friend - who told me about an event going on in the BDSM community that evening. She tried to convince me to come out with them... she even had two someones willing to come and pick me up and take me..

i waffled .. maybe. yes .. NO... and the reason .. (typically female reason) i have nothing to wear .. and no time to get ready. So i didn't go.

BUT... one of the lifts she had organised was an old "party buddy".. a male sub i have known for years - we would go to parties or munches together.... supporting each other... and we always had such good times knowing we had each other's back to speak.

Well this buddy called me on Friday and tried his damndest to get me to go... but i said "no" .. i did promise that i would go to the next event with him.

Little did i know the "next event" would be Saturday night. AND this time it was no short notice. My buddy called me mid afternoon.. told me about the party and said "break out the fet wear kid and let's go" i didn't think about it.. i just said YES.. let's do this..

i primped and preened .. and oh my god.. did all the girly things like trying on every bit of fet clothing i have and discarding them on the bed.. the floor... mixing and matching.. trying to find something that would be appropriate.. and something that would make me feel pretty.

By supper time i had to fight with myself.. i wanted to pick up the phone and say "no i can't go"... panic city ... but i didn't.. i strengthened my spine (which kept turning to jelly) showered and did my hair and put on makeup and got dressed.,

The final choice of outfit........... a long black flowing skirt and a red and black corset on top.

We arrived at the party and i was blown away by the welcome i received from all my old friends... and i even met some new friends.. fun folks who made me laugh and who stroked my ego .....

i had a great time visiting .. getting hugs ... and ... watching... yes watching.. voyerism.. wow !! my party buddy had a wonderful session under the amazing hands of this cute .. ok more than cute.. drop dead gorgeous Domme.

The evening ended with promises of more events... and maybe a spanking or two lined up for me.....

The most amazing thing........ the most supportive healing thing .. friendship.....


  1. Good for you! And applause to all those friends there in "the Great White North" who took such great care of you.

    hugs, swan

  2. Anonymous1:29 pm

    That's AWESOME! Good for YOU and good for your friends for getting you out there again! :D

  3. I'm so glad you had some fun with friends.

  4. A new Master may come in time but with friends like these why not enjoy your freedom for a bit. Adventure time?

  5. Great that you finally talked yourself into going. You have to get yuourself out there and meet people and have fun.

    Hope this is just the beginning of good times for you. Be sure you say yes the next time you get an invitation.


  6. This post had a wonderful tone to it. It's great to hear you sounding that way. I can't remember the last time I heard you sound this way!


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