Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up and running - in more ways than one!

Well it would appear - while i was out this morning - my internet provider managed to get things up and running again. i am such a "good girl" i felt guilty about "stealing" from my neighbours. (obviously not that bad........ but still a little bad)

So......... now... the topic of the day................

how about Sex???

ok.. i am being cheeky i know.. but i WAS thinking this morning how sexual i am feeling these days. For awhile there i thought i had lost any and all interest in sex.... or playing..

But even during this mystery bug i have been feeling the stirrings....... the need.. the desire..

Can you see me doing the "happy dance"?? Cause i am!!

The other night i decided to have a real good session.. all by my lonesome.. no permission needed..

i took out the dildo (not my favourite) and my hitachi complete with attachments and some lubricant.

i drizzled the lubricant gently over my pussy, shivering a little bit from the cold of it.

i closed my eyes and just started massaging...... yes massaging.. not sexual in nature... just rubbing and pinching my pink bits .... enjoying the feelings... relaxing .. feeling the tension leaving my body.

i worked from the outside in.. i didn't keep one eye on the clock.. i didn't even reach for the vibrator the minute i .. ummm.. got into the massaging technique. i just kept up massaging.. moving from the outside lips to the inside lips and back out again... every once in a while i would massage (not play with but massage) my clit.

It was so damn relaxing.. no pressure.. no time limit.. just enjoyment.

Finally i lubed up the dildo.. it has been like forever since i used the dildo... and i wasn't entirely sure how well my body would respond. After all it doesn't vibrate or rotate or jiggle or turn.. it just IS.

i used it to massage inside ... i moved in and out slowly.. enjoying feeling the ribs and texture it has... i was not hurrying towards orgasm..i was just enjoying the moment (so to speak).

i would slide it out slowly using my other hand to cup it.. and i was shocked to find my own juices flowing freely with it. They would drip down into my cupped hand.

i have no idea how long i kept up this massaging.. sometimes leaving the dildo inside me.. and using my hands to massage my lips and clit....

The first big difference i noticed was how swollen everything became.... i kept touching because - honestly - i couldn't believe it was my pussy!! It felt velvety soft. And then i noticed how flushed my entire body had become.. i was a nice rosy pink.

Finally i decided that the dildo was not going to cut it anymore.. i wanted/needed/craved the vibrations of my hitachi. So i plugged in the hitachi - i was not going to run out of battery power at a vital moment - and laid back and soaked in the intense feelings.

If i had any doubts about my ability to please myself.. they didn't last long .. as when i did cum this time.. it was no tiny blip on the orgasm scale.. it was a magnificent squirting drenching body shaking orgasm!!

oh yay baby !! everything is up and running just fine ........ thank you very much !!

(And i still have two weeks at home to experiment more with the art of sexual massage !!)

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