Wednesday, April 07, 2010


ok.........first off.. i am sorry about all the moderated comments not showing up yesterday......... shoot me now. i had it in my addled brain that at the very least i would be notified by email that there were comments waiting............. didn't happen cause dodo bird here didn't read the entire information on moderating comments....... like having to "ok" it being emailed to me.

Then this morning as i logged on to fire off a quickie post (more on that in a second) i discovered - in small print i might add (ok maybe not that small maybe more i need my glasses adjusted) - a notification that i had comments waiting ........... ugh!!!

So all comments are now up.. and i promise they will be handled with more efficiency from here on out.

What i really came to say this morning is....... i am feeling sorry for myself...... i am sick.... sicker .. sickest.

i have been fighting a sore throat and runny nose for a couple of days......nothing serious and if i swallowed handfuls of Tylenol every 4 hours i seemed to be able to function.

BUT that all ended somewhere around 3 this morning. i woke up racked with chills, coughing .... a headache that blinded me (and that was without the lights on) AND i was supposed to return to work today......... ain't gonna happen !!! Except i have no phone numbers at home..... don't ask me how i managed that one!! i must have left my agenda sitting on my desk. So i am thinking i am gonna have to drag my sick bod into school to find someone to cover the chaos that is known as "lunch hour".

i am thinking...... as much as i have been moving forward.. and doing ok (most of the time) this whole messy break up... all the sniping that has gone on in the comment section.... my own feelings of guilt over the break up.... have just added up to one major breakdown of my immune system. And i had been doing so well this year........ just some minor sniffles.. no real time off school........

Ahhhh well ... this is why they give us "sick days" i guess...........

Here's hoping one more day swallowing Tylenol, rubbing Vicks all over myself (now ain't that a picture and a half !!) sipping orange juice, and trying to down some chicken soup and of course resting will have me back up on my feet by tomorrow.......... i just have too much work pending to be stuck at home with some stupid bug !!!


  1. Morningside: Whether it's partly stress or you were misfortunate enough to just, there's not much you cna do now but rest and let it run itgs course.

    So get yourself a lot of sleep and come back better than ever.


  2. Maybe you ought to call a doctor? Maybe this is more than just a cold?

    Take care of yourself and get well quickly.

    Hugs, swan

  3. Vicks all over? Uh...yeah...I suspect need someone to play doctor for you. ;-)

    The prime medical directive: First, do no harm.

    The corollary: Brace yourself. Vicks goes wherever it wants so yoou might as well lay back and enjoy.

    Upton, the new Galen of his generation, Ogood

  4. the new Galen?? LOL

    i take it the whole vicks idea appeals to you

  5. I used to prefer a shot of drambui but now because of the sugar have gone to codka and a good sleep. I hope you are feeling better soon I miss the early moring coffees

  6. Orage2:14 am

    Just a suggestion and please don't take it badly: couldn't you change that awfully sinister "photo" above "about me"?
    It gives me a shock whenever I see it.

  7. Orage - it is done. You are right i am passed the weeping part of this journey....... so a new picture was indeed in order !


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