Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good day / Bad day

Yesterday was a good day / bad day sort of day.

First off the sore throat and massive headache was back - which meant i kept forgetting things....... and i had the sweats and chills back .... and just felt totally like crap.

i decided to have a real good "feel sorry for myself pity party" around 8 p.m. last night when i finally remembered it was Friday and everyone (yeah everyone - of course everyone !!) was out partying having fun and i was stuck at home. It didn't matter i would have been stuck at home ANYWAY .. cause i am not allowed to drive with this damn bug... no that didn't count. EVERYONE was out having fun and poor lil me was stuck at home.

BUT this morning looking back on yesterday...... i realize it was a) just what the doctor said would happen - i would have A good day.. and then a mess of bad days... b) i had managed to bring the vacuum downstairs and i managed to vacuum the rug in the living room (ok that's not a massive huge job - but i did manage to get it done !!) and the real BIGGY - C) i had finally heard - after many weeks of nail biting and pleading and begging with the powers that be - that YES my lil private school out on the Island would be a GO again for next year !!! so YAY
!!! it was a good day too.

Today - maybe - i will try running a duster around the house. or maybe not. i will rest up because ............

Tomorrow is the new grandson's Christening. Eldest daughter and husband have volunteered to come and get me and take me.. i won't be allowed to pick the baby up.. or even get that close to him....... but i will take my camera and if the gods smile on me - i will have enough energy to take loads of pictures (maybe even some artsy fartsy ones) See drakor - i am finding my way back to my hobbies/loves.

And maybe i will do some
on line research on flight schedules and costs .. cause i am SO going away this summer !! gonna go meet up with some friends... gonna go have me some fun.. and put this spring bug completely and totally behind me.. this summer !!

good days/bad days we all have 'em - it's how we work around them and with them that makes the difference !!


  1. Hooray for the news on your little school!
    Hooray for the christening of this new little person!
    Hooray for the bit of vacuuming!
    Hooray fot the travel plans in the offing!

    As for the nasty bug -- it is beaten. Now all you have to do is wait for the full and final retreat.

    Rest and try and enjoy the good parts of your days.

    hugs, swan

  2. Good news about the school and the christening and hope you have more good days than bad in the near future as you overcome the bug.

    And good to hear you're taking care of yourself and shaving your pussy again.



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