Tuesday, April 13, 2010


yup something most definitely is wrong with my "cactus".

First off i have to say........... i worship my doctor....

i called yesterday morning bright and early and talked to the dragon nurse.. the keeper of the gate nurse... the "you don't get past me without damn good reason" nurse. She wasn't having any of the "i am so damn sick i need to see the doctor NOW" stuff. The most she would agree to was telling the doctor i had called.

Well 30 minutes later Miss Dragon/ keeper of the gate nurse called me back sounding slightly miffed .. but i was to come in and see the doctor at 3:00 p.m. My doctor knows i must have one foot in an early grave to call her.

So at 2:50 i presented myself to Miss Dragon / keeper of the gate nurse and was told to sit and wait.

i do what i am told quite well actually........... good training and all that.

i had brought a book. Now why i thought i was actually going to be able to READ the book is another question. i haven't been able to focus on anything for more than 20 minutes in the last week. But i opened it and managed to read 2 pages before the pain in my eyes got the best of me.

And considering i was being squeezed in.. i really didn't have to wait that long to see the "Miracle Worker" doctor.... she listened to my long list of complaints.. which got longer as she showed sympathy.

Ya see........... i have had more than normal cold symptoms... i have pains in my eyes... pains under my arms.. pains in my neck and headaches to beat all headaches.. i have a runny nose that doesn't stop !! and a cough that comes and goes.. i have nausea and (being politely correct here) fritzy bowels.

The Miracle Worker doctor wrote down everything i told her.. and then she started the exam........ mostly pressing and poking in very weird places... like under my arms..

And she kept nodding and smiling and finally said "I know exactly what you have!"

So.............. the good news and the bad news...

Good news - i am gonna live

Bad news - i am gonna feel like i am dying while this bug slowly does it's worst.

i have a virus - of the cold family viruses - that has mutated and changed and is now present in all the glands in my body..... in all my organs.. in my eyes and my sinuses and ........... best of all............ in my brain.

Prognosis - for 3 weeks i am gonna feel like death or dying. Then i am gonna start having some good days........ Then i will start having more good days then bad .. Then i will start the recuperation period. This is going to take 5 - 7 weeks. OH JOY! and i am the one who insists on instant gratification... instant cure.

The really good news is i don't have pneumonia. Apparently this mutated cold virus usually causes a virulent vile form of pneumonia that usually requires hospitalization - as no antibiotics work on it. To prevent me developing this nasty pneumonia, i am now on two pumps. One i take every four hours - the other i take morning and night. And god help me if i forget.

IF I FORGET.......... well you see that is a definite possibility. i thought over this last week that i was losing my mind cause i kept forgetting things. Like yesterday when i phoned the school to ask the secretary to do a simple job for me.. and i couldn't remember the code - a code i have entered into the computer for nearly 30 years !!!

Apparently this virus in my brain is causing the synapses to fire wrong.....and forgetting things will be my norm for the next few weeks. Post it notes was the doctor's suggestion. And no driving. Well i can drive if i promise to only do short hauls and only on city streets and not in rush hour. and only if i have no other choice. Driving is not a good idea when one's synapses aren't firing properly apparently.

Work is definitely out of the question.

Boring is the theme for the next few weeks it would seem. Normally i don't like television......... i love reading - but my eyes hurt..... i love my pc ...... but my eyes hurt and the brain doesn't work all that well....... i can't clean house cause i have no energy..... and laundry - well i put a load in on Sunday and completely forgot about it till yesterday when i went looking for something to wear to the doctor's.

Post it notes are going to be my friend!!

But i will survive....... and fortunately both daughters have risen to the challenge.. so i am sure i will have enough food and necessities to last me for awhile.

And when i start to feel sorry for myself.. i can remind myself i am already on my second week of this mutation......... and only have 3 - 5 weeks to go !!


  1. Anonymous10:18 am

    Oh well, what can one say? I really hope you will get better sooner then expected. Miracles can happen, or so I've heard...
    Take care!

    Have some hugs from Norway!

  2. Morningstar: When it rains, it pours. Sorry to hear about this bug you've got and how long it's going to take to recover. Especially since you have to deal with it alone.

    Do you like movies? Maybe you can watch a bunch of them on DVDs to pass the time. Anyway, hope you have a speedy recovery.

    And you mentioned Selkie in your last post. Did she say whether she's done with blogging or just taking a break?


  3. From the sounds of it, you should be done and ready to go by the time summer vacation rolls around! lol
    It's really not funny, and I do hope you feel better soon.

    I have something for you by the way ... maybe it'll make you feel better.

  4. Feel better. Soon!

  5. I guess there's no "get well, soon," to this bug. I just hope that you can recover as your doctor predicts without any further complications or problems. Try to rest. Let your girls take care of mom. Hopefully this bug will run its course and turn your loose.

    All the very best,


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