Monday, April 19, 2010

Special Family Day

Yesterday was a special day for our family.

My youngest/newest grandson was christened. i had been a bit stressed all week that i wouldn't be having a "good" day on Sunday........ but i shouldn't have worried. It was a reasonably good day.

Eldest daughter (and godmother) and her husband (godfather) came and got me right on time and took me to the church.

And "the devil was chased out of " our newest addition (that was always my grandmother's belief........ that every baby was born with a little bit of the devil in them and that at the baptism - especially if the baby cried - the devil was chased out. )

IF anyone is interested....... the christening dress (which has been worn by my two older grandsons) was originally my wedding dress. Youngest daughter cut it down and turned it into a family heirloom christening dress. When i think that dress is now almost 40 years old!!!! (GOD!!! i am old!!)

i even managed to stick it out through most of the reception - but finally i was done.. done as dinner... and home i came to my quiet lil sanctuary.

All in all it was a good day.... though today i am paying the price... 5 weeks of this bug is starting to wear on my nerves i can tell you !!! As of today i have officially had this bug for two weeks - only two weeks !! 3 more to go.. then 2 weeks of recuperation........... i guess i was really hoping the doctor would be wrong with her diagnosis and i would be up and running this week.

But yesterday - taking pictures - showed me i am far from on the mend. A goodly number of my pictures were blurry......... mostly because everything i look at these days IS blurry......... and mostly because just the weight of the camera in my hands caused my arms to shake.

But i don't want to complain........ things could be much worse...... like i could be off sick with no pay........ like i could be in hospital........ like there could be no 5 - 7 week time line.............. so things could be much worse indeed !!

Yesterday helped me to see that life is precious....... and i plan on enjoying every second of it !!!


  1. Anonymous8:18 am

    glad y ou were able to enjoy the day...the Chtiening dress that my granddaughter wore...was made from my mom's wedding dress...and she is the 3rd generation to wear it..yes it is a little worn ..and not all that sparkly...but oh what a treasure!
    hang in will be back in full swing!

  2. WOW! That's an amazing coincidence, my Great Nephew was christened as well yesterday. I wanted to go but the budget won't stretch to a trip to Blighty at the moment, Bummer.

    Hope that that lurgy of yours has reached it's worse now and that you will be on the up slope soon.


  3. What a sweet baby! To think that anyone -- ANYONE -- could believe there is the least bit of "devil" to chase out of such a beautiful, perfect, lovely little human! Sheesh!

    Anyway, I am glad you got to go, and glad you enjoyed the day. I remain sorry that you are still feeling so poorly, but hope that you are perhaps close to turning a corner.

    Hugs, swan


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