Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Advise column

Ok now before everyone starts jumping to conclusions..

NO i am not starting an advise column....

BUT i am going to share with you all some of the wonderful advise i have received via emais...phone calls.. coffee visits... and comments on here..

because dear friends i have received a lot of really good advise !!! (and because i think it will do me good to have it all laid it in front of me.. sort of a list of "remembers")

1) there is a whole lot of pressure from the internet - from others in the lifestyle - to be something you are not.. stay true to yourself.

2) labels aren't really important. AND people will be here to read no matter the label you use :)

3) Celebrate the love and friendship that surrounds you and the rest will take care of itself

4) over and over and over again i heard "you will survive"

5) go forward with joy and look back with gratitude

6) in order to be really happy we cannot lose sight of who we are and what we need

7) enjoy the (email) exchanges that are enjoyable and let the cards fall where they will

8) why not enjoy your freedom for a bit .... Adventure time

9) following the path alone leads to the best adventures

10) submission is a reality when you encounter Dominant love that stimulates that

11) Go confidently in the directions of your dreams Live the life you've imagined
It really is a way of life not just an interesting Thoseau quote.

12) I have a size 12 boot that will go up your ass if you deviate from the path

13) It takes approximately one month for every year of a relationship to heal

14) Take time to have fun... don't rush.... you can be a bottom for now.. a pain slut.. find the adventure !!!

None of those words are mine.. they are YOURS.. and they have helped me find my strength .. my sense of adventure (in the midst of pure panic) and i am making every effort to hang on tight for this new adventure..

i AM going forth with as much confidence as i can muster right now.. and i am going to fill my life with adventure and hope that one day i will be living the life i imagine.


Just a little health update -

i am still home with the "i want to die" virus. Though the "i want to die" feelings are fading fast. i see the doctor on Wednesday and am hoping against hope she will give me a clean bill of health and send me back to work. Though to be truthful i haven't given work much thought over these last 3 weeks (yes i have been house bound for 3 weeks!!!) which just goes to show me how sick i was!!

But today i am feeling bored - good sign - and the thought of cleaning the house actually sounds like fun !!! definitely time to go back to work !!


  1. It is now, officially, 9 days since the on-set of diptheria (variant bb,for beri-beri and other alphabetics indicating other notorious Upton inhibitors). So, FWIW, there's a whole lot of that going around (I'm sure this news will make your day as shared pain is a burden lightened...according to non-sufferers).

    I've been back to work for the last 4 (work) days...and it's still hanging on....but the thought of a check that cashes does alleviate some of the pain. (Others may use aspirin or tylenol to achieve a similar affect).

    In other news: I like your list. I think I'll do a similar thing... which will, of course, propagate wisdom and also save me the bother of thinking up something original.

    No need to thank me...I can feel the waves of gratitude already ;-)

    Mr. Upton, "it ain't heavy, it's bubonic", Ogood

  2. I'm glad you have plenty of support and advice from friends and loved ones. It sounds like you have a wonderful outlook with this whole adventure concept. I wish you many happy times ahead!


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