Monday, November 26, 2012

learning curve

I have been playing around with what to write about Saturday's play party.  I had a couple of images I was working with............ and then I don't know what happened....but I got stuck on the lack of dress code.  

Now don't get me wrong... the one thing I hated about attending parties here was the pressure to dress up - it always seemed like a major competition..... and I would stand looking in my cupboard and try to make up my mind what I could wear.  Once dressed I always felt like a little girl playing dress up.

Dressing for Saturday wasn't very difficult. I had one black skirt in Kingston and one corset.  But honestly almost no one dresses up in Kingston.. hell they don't even seem to care about the "black only" dress code that exists here.  One woman was wearing a pretty red rubber skirt  - with black rubber rain boots !!!  One other woman had a kimono over some lingerie.. but that was pretty much the extent of fet wear..... I am definitely gonna rethink my personal dress code for Kingston parties.

I don't think it is necessary to dress to the "nines" BUT .......... I also believe if you are going to a party - BDSM or otherwise - it is nice to clean up and dress up - a little bit.  Somehow jeans and t-shirts just don't cut it for me.  It all felt just too casual.  Surely there is a mid point - somewhere between sloppy casual - and dress up Barbie..dontcha think???

This new city - new community - is definitely a learning curve for me.

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