Friday, January 28, 2022

"These are a Few of my Favourite Things.........."

And trust me - these are not the same 'favourite things' of Mary Poppins' song .....

As a lot of you know - I am a product of public BDSM play....... I think I have tried (at least once) every imaginable 'toy' available to BDSM players...... Over the years I have whittled down the list of 'toys' to a handful of favourite ones........ 

Here are some of my favourites............

Floggers -


Specifically Sir Steve's BIG BIGGER BIGGEST flogger ....... it thuds so nicely  ..... and hasn't been used in over 5 years - cause like I said - it's big and there's no room in a house...... 

Canes/crops -


There's something unique about crops and canes (I kinda lump them together cause the pain and marks are almost identical......... 

Paddles -

I am pretty sure Sir Steve loves our wooden paddles - probably because they are my least favourite..... If I get a say in which paddle - I tend to lean towards the leather ones... 

Knives -

We both have our own knife collection - decorative gorgeous shiny bits of silver that leave some intense marks........ nothing brings me to the level of anticipation/fear like our knives...... 

Needles - 

I used to be a BIG fan of needle play - nothing really compares to the endorphins released from needle play.  Sir Steve will NOT do needle play (cheeky grin) he can be such a wimp sometimes!! (he HATES needles!)

Before I go any further - I want to add that back in the day - some 30 years ago - BDSM was not as main stream as it is today.  The clubs were private (I've talked about this before) There were actual workshops to teach 'newbies' or those that wanted to improve their skills - in almost every aspect of kink.  I remember taking a cutting/knife play workshop that was taught by medical workers (nurses.. emergency techs etc) Sir Steve for example took many workshops (for lack of a better word) in floggers and paddles - instruments of pain and pleasure.  I rarely if ever played with someone who was untrained (back in the day) ..... after all I wanted to make sure I would be as safe as possible - not some toy test dummy for inexperience.

And finally 

Whips - 

which is to be honest what prompted this blog post today.  Yesterday Spankedhortic posted his 'animated Trasher Thursday' ....... there was something bugging me about the way the whip was being thrown.  I couldn't put my finger on it........ last night I showed the gif to Sir Steve - he frowned at it and like me knew it looked wrong but couldn't quite put his finger on it...... between the two of us we decided she was using the whip like a flogger.......... and I cringed.  There is something very special about the kiss of the whip...... it should feel very different from any other toy....... it can be very sensual - just kissing the skin - or painful with full on strikes.  I went looking this morning for a whip video that would best describe the whip...... OMG!  I wanted a 'how to' video and most of what I found were porn clips....... GAH!!  no just NO!  After way too much time - I did find this video..... and I have to admit my knees went weak watching him..........I have a small circus whip (appropriate for play indoors) and honestly I can NOT wait till we are moved and have our loft bedroom to play in  - it's been wayyyyyyyyy too long since Sir Steve and I satisfied our Sadist/masochist side.


  And that is my list of " my favourite things"


  1. I do love our flogger, a gift from a friend out here. I also love paddles of all kinds, but leather is better. And who know what the real Julie Andrews would enjoy...

    We've never tried a whip, but that video was excellent.

    1. ohhhhhhh PK the whip is amazing - if done properly - I love when it gently 'kisses' my skin.... omg I am melting just thinking about it!!

  2. Oh, I've always wanted to try a whip! Hubby has promised me a playroom as soon as we move the 18 year old kid out. Stupid covid makes life so much more of a pain in the butt. Rents rising all over... We can't just throw him to the wolves, but watching that makes me wanna really shove him out the door! (I really do love my kids, honest! Just would rather it be from a distance)

    1. LOL ohhhhhhhh Penelope trust me I know exactly what you mean..... Imagine me - both my daughters married and gone.......... FREEDOM!!

      Then Sir Steve and oh oh I'm back to having kids under foot again....... le sigh... BUT on the plus side she does go to her mom's on weekends and we have one week on one week off in the summer.........

  3. I have been looking at some videos myself and found that a lot were like the guy in your video, using a Short Single Tail, like it was a short Bull Whip. That is not the style of contact that I like to be on the receiving end of. I did finally find a clip where a guy was getting the kind of marks that I liked to get from this type of toy.

    Looking at her technique, she did not look that skilled, but the marks told another story. I did not like that she was too near or on the kidney area, but otherwise the resulting marks pleased me. I don't know if this will come out as a link or you will have to copy and paste it, but here is the web address.

    I have never been whipped upside down like this though :)


    1. A lot of people are terrified of whips - I was for a long time...... When I decided to try it - the whip was used gently - like in the video - sensually.

      Over time as I relaxed and lost my fear - it was used with more force..... and the sting was amazing...... the marks even better :)

      Her technique isn't bad - a bit showy for the camera I'm guessing (the over the head strikes) but I agree those are the marks I look for now from a whip.

  4. Hi Morningstar,

    Ooh, not sure about needles and whips, too much of a whimp lol. We used to have a flogger, more of a toy than the real thing. I loved/hated it as it could be sensual or downright painful. Same with the cane and crop.

    We have tried a little knife play, very low level. There's nothing like it to get the adrenaline going.


    1. nodding agree Roz - there is nothing like a knife!! For me it is the most sensual toy we use....

  5. I must buy a flog and canes oh yes. I hadn't heard of needle play, I don't mind needles but don't think I'd like them to be used on me.


    1. I had a huge comment that I thought I posted yesterday... sigh.

      Anyway, it's amazing how we all process pain and sensations. I don't mean you get aroused by it and I don't, I mean wood vs leather, etc. For example I do not find canes and crops feel the same at all. For me the cane is extreme the crop is way.milder. I can endure the crop (well it depends where it is landing lol), I fight the cane- and it is the gift that keeps on giving. New sensation a few moments later. Lol a sensation I might add I loathe. Also can be itchy. Lol.

      I 'prefer' wood. I'm not a sting/pain person. B prefers whippy type things, canes, looping Johnny, silicone flogger (annoying), buggy whip, quirt. I have a difficult time processing the pain from these things- which is his point I guess. Lol.

      Anyway. The first video seems odd to me. She's striking down? I don't witness what B does as I'm either facing the other way or have my eyes covered but he doesn't strike down ever that I am aware of. The second video would drive me insane lol ( see how different we are). All those light flicks would make me itchy, and angry lol.

      Have you seen Morgan Thorne on YouTube? She's a Domme and does videos. Nothing sexual. Just informative. Really tame for people who are new to this whole thing. She's actually Canadian. From BC I believe.


    2. ronnie

      I didn't think I'd like needles either - until I tried them (cheeky grin)

      Just saying...........

  6. willie

    I didn't know Morgan Thorne was Canadian!! I was looking for a video by her with a whip - but didn't find any.

    And the one thing I've learned after all these years is almost any toy can be used sensually and painfully.... it all depends on who's on the other end....... OR maybe the mood I'm in? and how I process it?? LOL


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